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Female Libido.. Not Tonight, Honey!

September 4th, 2013

Female Libido.. Not Tonight, Honey!

Female Libido… “Not Tonight, Honey!”

Does this sound familiar to you? Not being in the mood for sex is not an unnatural thing. Life, work, stress, and many responsibilities may drain your battery and leave you no time for a re-charge before hitting the bed. But what if “tonight” repeats itself the day after, and thereafter, an so fort? In that case, you might be facing real female libido issues.
Female libido and sexual attraction might be very different, but at the same time very similar to those of men. Just like men, female libido does fluctuate over time, and the older you get, the lower the libido will sink. Especially major life events such as pregnancy and menopause might effect the female libido immensely.
While pregnancy and menopause do affect the female hormone balance and might cause low female libido, there are a few other things that might not be so obvious.

Relationship Issues and Depression

Female Libido, Female Sexual DysfunctionRelationship issues and depression
belong to the rather well known causes for low female libido and a diminished sexual life. While depression should be treated, medication for depression itself may affect the libido causing it to diminish. If you are suffering from depression or are taking medication for depression and have been experiencing low libido, you should speak with your doctor about a possible switch to other medication.

 Alcohol and Female Libido

Alcohol is another potential female libido killer. While a glass of wine or a nice cocktail may get your grove going and get you in sexual mood, to many of them will negatively affect your libido and sexual drive. While one or two cocktails may get you tipsy and going, too many of them or binge drinking will make you drowsy and sleepy, killing your sexual drive.

Chronic Diseases & Female Libido

Chronic diseases are other potential libido killers. High cholesterol for example has shown to cause diminished female libido and arousal, as well as low sexual satisfaction. While high cholesterol might be easier to keep under control, other chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and cancer might be more difficult to deal with.Female Libido, libido loss

Birth Control Pills & Female Libido

Birth control pills are other possible hidden female libido killers. While they are being used widely for contraception and are considered as “sex life boosters”, ironically they act to decrease testosterone levels in women. Testosterone is the sexual hormone responsible for sexual arousal, in both men and women. The hormones contained in the contraceptive pills may reduce testosterone levels and cause low libido in women.
Not all, but many women may experience low libido based on one or more causes explained above. If you should experience low libido based on each of these, you can talk to your doctor about possible solutions.

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