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Birth Control Methods and Their Effectiveness

August 30th, 2013

Birth Control Methods and Their Effectiveness

Birth Control Methods, How Effective They Are?

The recent advancements of medicine have provided us with many new birth control methods or methods of contraception. When choosing a birth control method, there are several important facts to be considered in order to achieve optimal result. While STD prevention is one of the most important concerns, the safety of a certain contraceptive method is as important as well.

Birth Control Methods With Less Than 1 Pregnancies in 100 Couples


Vasectomy Benefits and RisksAfter vasectomy you have to use another kind of birth control methods for at least 3 (three) months or twenty ejaculation in order to allow the remaining sperm to be ejaculated and the pregnancy is prevented.
Sperm analysis post vasectomy is mandatory to be sure sperm count is zero.

Birth Control Methods via Female Sterilization

  • Intrauterine Device (IUD)
  • Implant

After female sterilization, IUD, and implant there is little or nothing left to do in order to prevent pregnancy.

Birth Control Methods With 2-9 Pregnancies in 100 Couples

Breastfeeding (LAM)

Birth Control MethodsBreastfeeding seems to be preventative against new pregnancy. In case you decide to consider this as one of birth control methods, you need to breastfeed daily for 6 months.


There are certain injectable medication available for being used as one of the birth control methods. In case of considering shots, you need to get repeated shots on time.


The so called “anti-baby pill” or “The Pill” is one of the most popular and widely used birth control methods. In case of considering pill as a method of contraception you should make sure to take one pill each day at the nearly same time of the day.

Ring and Patch

Ring and patch for hormone delivery are also widely used as birth control methods. If you are considering using these methods, you need to make sure the ring or patch is always kept in place and changed on time.

Methods With 15 to 24 Pregnancies Per 100 Couples

If you consider using any of the above methods for contraception you need to use the device correctly every time while having sexual activity.
The sponge and cervical cap might be less effective for women who have given birth and need to be used carefully or combined with other birth control methods.

Methods With About 25 Pregnancies Per 100 Couples


Spermicides are less effective and should be used with caution. Use spermicides every time you have sexual activity and possibly combine it with other methods of contraception.

Fertility Awareness Based Methods

If using this method of contraception, you should abstain or use a condom on fertility days. In general, these method of contraception needs a lot of calculation and compliance in order to be effective.

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