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Specializing in Penile enlargement surgery
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James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D.
James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D.
James Elist M.D.

Realize Your Full Potential

Renowned Medical & Cosmetic Urologist in Beverly Hills

There are countless factors that contribute to a vibrant and fulfilling life. At the top of that list are health, confidence, and sexual satisfaction.

Beverly Hills urological surgeon, Dr. James Elist, is a pioneer in urology, offering the most advanced solutions to the concerns that are keeping you from realizing your most fulfilling life. From penile enhancement and other cosmetic procedures to treatments for ED, Dr. Elist delivers life-changing results. Schedule your private consultation to discuss state-of-the-art treatment options with a thought leader in the field. Through a broad selection of treatments and groundbreaking techniques, the life you envision is within reach.

Treatments designed for you,

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Dr. Elist James Elist M.D.

Why Dr. Elist?


Dr. James J. Elist, M.D., is one of the nation’s most accomplished urologists.

James Elist M.D.

As a urologist and male enhancement surgeon with over 40 years of experience, he has focused his professional career on helping men resolve a range of penile conditions, including cosmetic enhancements.

From penile enlargement to treatments for penile deformities, ED, and other personal physical issues, you can trust Dr. Elist to deliver you the highest quality experience and results. Dr. Elist is a pioneer in the field of penile treatments, having created numerous men’s health inventions, such as the Himplant (Penuma's next-gen male enhancement solution), and has performed thousands of penile enlargement procedures to date.

As a doctor who trains other doctors on the latest innovations in men’s health and aesthetics, Dr. Elist offers incomparable expertise and an impeccably personalized experience for every patient.

Dr. Elist stands as a trailblazer in the realm of penile treatments, innovating a multitude of men’s health solutions, including the Himplant, the evolved successor to Penuma. He has successfully conducted countless procedures for penile enlargement over the years.

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James Elist M.D.
James Elist M.D.
James Elist M.D.

Male Enhancement

Dr. Elist’s Philosophy

James Elist M.D.

With decades of experience in men’s health, Beverly Hills Urologist and male enhancement expert, Dr. Elist, sees the impact that urological concerns have on his patients.

Unsatisfied with previous options, Dr. Elist took a proactive approach to provide men with better solutions to some of their most common concerns, delivering options, such as the Himcup state-of-the-art scrotal implant and the Himplant penile implant, the next chapter in the story of male enhancement. When it comes to male enhancement Beverly Hills men can achieve results with elite-level care from a treatment expert. Dr. Elist specializes in Male Sexual Enhancement, Male Sexual Health, and Male Sexual Dysfunction, training other advanced treatment providers to ensure that patients receive the treatment they desire.

In keeping with his deep dedication to each patient’s experience, results, and journey toward their highest quality of life, Dr. Elist takes every aspect of your care into consideration. His holistic and personalized approach delivers a comprehensive and precise treatment plan to help you look, feel, and perform your best. Through exceptional attention and collaboration, Dr. Elist takes the time to design your care uniquely to you. Schedule your consultation to discuss options with a men’s health expert.

Dr. Elist offers comprehensive, personalized care for men in Los Angeles.

Enhance your sexual wellness, confidence, and health with the expert application of the advanced male enhancement treatments available today. Read about our featured treatments here, explore our menu, and schedule your consultation to determine the right treatment options for your needs.

Care Where
It Counts

Featured Treatments for Men

Penile Enlargement Testicular Enlargement Scrotal Webbing | Scrotoplasty Adult Circumcision
James Elist M.D.
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Penile Enlargement Surgery

Enhance and enlarge the girth, flaccid length, and size of your penis with results that look, feel, and function just like nature intended– just significantly larger. Dr. Elist designed the Himplant, the first FDA-cleared penile implant for cosmetic enhancement and the testament to continuous improvement, succeeding the renowned Penuma implant. Schedule your consultation with Beverly Hills Urologist and penile enhancement specialist, Dr. James Elist, to discuss this sophisticated solution and take your first step toward the life you want.

James Elist M.D.
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Testicular Enlargement Surgery

Your testicles should be balanced, full, and attractive. We can help. Testicular enhancement uses prosthetic implants to achieve larger, fuller, rounder, or more symmetrical testicles. This procedure can be used to restore a lost testicle or provide a more balanced and attractive look. Testicular enhancement specialist, Dr. Elist, offers an advanced implant and superior results, so learn more and schedule your private consultation.

James Elist M.D.
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Scrotal Webbing | Scrotoplasty

Scrotoplasty is a surgical procedure that effectively addresses issues like sagging, asymmetry, and excess skin to achieve a smoother, more youthful, and attractive scrotum. Functional benefits of scrotoplasty include improved sexual function and comfort during sex. Learn more about how scrotoplasty can boost your confidence and quality of life, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Elist to discuss your personalized treatment.

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James Elist M.D.
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Adult Circumcision

Adult circumcision, the removal of the foreskin from the penis, has been shown to provide a range of health benefits for men, including a reduced risk of UTIs, STIs, and penile cancer. Additionally, studies have suggested that circumcision can lead to increased sexual satisfaction and reduced risk of premature ejaculation. Schedule your consultation to discuss this safe and effective procedure that can improve your physical health and sexual well-being.

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Going Big


Looking to address concerns regarding penis size? Dr. Elist offers advanced penile surgery solutions. Pioneering advancements, including the innovative Himplant, the advanced iteration of Penuma, empower men to achieve their desired penis size, girth, and flaccid length, bolstering confidence.

Dr. Elist stands among the nation's most distinguished urologists. His expertise in penile enlargement surgery is evident in the overwhelming success stories of his numerous male patients.

Enhance your masculinity and unlock your full potential. This is your chance to build a life that feels truly satisfying.

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James Elist M.D.

*Benefits of the Himplant may include:

  • Durable and removable
  • Natural looking in both erect and flaccid states
  • Uses a medical-grade, soft silicone
  • The implant is meticulously adjusted by your physician to work with your size
  • Enhancement in appearance, including length and girth, leading to an average increase of 1-2 inches in size.
  • Capable of increasing growth over time beyond initial results
  • High rate of success (any adverse reactions typically result from patient non-compliance with aftercare instructions, which your physician will go over with you in full detail before starting your Himplant procedure)
  • *Not a guarantee of individual results

James Elist M.D.
Testicular Enlargement Surgery

If you feel that your testicles should be larger, fuller, and rounder, you have come to the right place.

Whether you have a genetic condition, testicular deformation, have lost a testicle due to cancer or other illness, or are struggling to accept the appearance of shrunken testicles from aging, we have solutions. Testicular implants can restore a lost testicle, or create a fuller, more attractive look for men who are experiencing an unbalanced look due to tissue shrinkage. You don’t have to live with any of these conditions – take advantage of the skills and experience of Dr. Elist and his team of medical professionals.

With a career dedicated to helping men feel and look their best, Dr. Elist is a leader in testicular enhancement, and the developer of the revolutionary Elist testicular implant – a superior implant. You will find no better place to restore a more attractive, masculine appearance to your testicles than our state-of-the-art private clinic in Beverly Hills.

Testicle Implant Features

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  • Soft Testicular Implant
  • Short Recovery Time
  • High Success Rate

*Not a guarantee of results - Individual results may vary

Live Larger

Penile Enlargement FAQs

Will there be evidence of the Himplant penis enlargement surgery? Will it be noticeable?

No, the implant is designed to be completely discreet. The surgical procedure does not make any open incisions on the penis, opting instead for a concealed incision within the scrotal area. This incision typically fades over time and can be further obscured by pubic hair. Patients who had the procedure report that their partners, who were unfamiliar with their anatomy before the surgery, are unable to tell that there is an implant present. However, we strongly recommend open and honest communication with your partner about the procedure before making any decisions.

Will it be possible to receive the largest Himplant size?

The optimal implant size for you will be determined by the physician during your consultation, considering your individual anatomy and safety. Every Himplant is customized in the operating room to deliver the best possible outcome for each patient while prioritizing safety.

Are there any effective methods for non-surgical penis enlargement?

Unfortunately, no non-surgical method for penis enlargement has proven effective. While various methods like pills, pumps, or jelqing are marketed for this purpose, we haven't found any evidence to support their claims. In fact, some of these methods can even be harmful.

With the Himplant penile implant, will I always be hard or erect?

No, penile implants do not cause constant erections. They work seamlessly with your natural state, whether flaccid or erect.

How much does the Himplant penis enlargement procedure cost?

The specific cost of your individual penis enlargement procedure will be determined during your personalized consultation with a Patient Consultant. This detailed discussion ensures transparency and tailored pricing to fit your unique needs.

How long will I have to refrain from engaging in sexual activity following the Himplant procedure?

To ensure optimal healing and prevent complications, sexual abstinence is required until medical clearance is granted. This typically occurs within a timeframe of 6 to 8 weeks, but individual circumstances may necessitate a longer or shorter recovery period.

What are the potential risks and complications with Himplant surgery?

Like any other surgery, there are potential risks and complications that will be discussed with patients in advance of any procedure. We have historically seen low complication rates, and we will work with you to minimize risk by explaining the post-operative instructions in detail. Potential risks and complications include infection, swelling/inflammation, suture detachment, pain, bleeding, and the need for implant removal, which has potential risks and complications. You can learn more by viewing this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FjI2Kxoxuk.

James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D.

An Expert Lens

Dr. James Elist’s Featured MEDIA

Listen to Dr. Elist discuss some of his patients’ most common concerns in the media, or read his blog for an expert’s perspective on the latest advancements in men’s health.

James Elist M.D.

Dr. Elist on the Woody Show

Penuma penile enlargement implant reviews

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James Elist M.D.

Interview about penile enlargement

By ABC Channel

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James Elist M.D.

Cirugia de pene cada dia mas popular


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“I have been a patient since 2016. All I can say is Dr. Elist has changed my quality of life. I have more confidence and can pleasure my partner to full satisfaction.”

“Thank you Dr. Elist & his staff. I have waited a long time for this and everyone was so helpful. They took the time to explain everything that I can expect from the procedure. This has been life-changing!”

“Honestly, perfect medical service. I hope now my life will be better because of this procedure from such a great team of experts. Thank you so much Dr. Elist & team.”

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James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D.
James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D. James Elist M.D.

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