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Libido Control | Libido Mufflers or Curbing Sexual Drive

December 17th, 2013

Libido Control | Libido Mufflers or Curbing Sexual Drive

Libido Control: Curb Your Enthusiasm!

While most men are looking for supplements to increase libido and improve sexual drive, there might be conditions in which other men might be looking for a supplement for libido control and resolving high libido and decrease sexual desire. The reasons might be various and each individual will have his own reasons, but here are some conditions which might require such an intervention as using “libido mufflers”.

When Do You Need Libido Control?

circumcision in adults may require some libido decreasing supplements in order to prevent frequent erections which may cause pain and prolong healing. Other surgeries involving the genital area or the prostate may put some men in the same position of not desiring frequent erections and pain.
Hyperactive sexual drive is another condition which may require some assistance of supplements and drugs in order to curb the libido.
“Libido mufflers” are commonly referred to as anti-aphrodisiacs and are widely available as natural products and prescription drugs as well.

Libido Control Supplements:

NOTE: All natural supplements as well as drugs may be potentially associated with serious unwanted side effects. Please discuss with your medical professional before starting using any of the products discussed below.

Camphor Essential Oil 

Monks use this scent to keep them from desiring sex when they are trying to be chaste. The easiest way is a chest rub with the oil which will relieve the scent directly into the nasal cavity.

Marjoram Essential Oil 

In some studies marjoram essential oil has been shown to decrease the libido in mice.

Chaste Tree Berries 

These berries will reduce testosterone in men.


In a tea or in beer, hops decreases libido in men by increasing their estrogen levels for short periods of time. While some men drink to loosen up and get into the mood, it is actually not done with beer. About three beers will start to decrease sexual desire.

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