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Natural Male Libido Boosters! Eat and Get It On! (Part 4)

July 1st, 2013

Natural Male Libido Boosters! Eat and Get It On! (Part 4)

Male Libido Boosters, Eat Natural and Get It On! 

Natural Male Libido BoostersFood is an important part of our social living. Food is not only nourishment for our bodies, but it is the major power source for the mind’s drive, works as natural male libido boosters and the important fuel for proper physiological functioning. Good and proper food also nourishes our most primitive feelings; sexual drive, libido, harder erections, and a more satisfactory sexual life. Harder erections are dependent on a well “oiled” blood flow, but strong libido and sexual arousal are what initiate harder erections. So how about combining nutrition with wellness? I would like to introduce to you some natural male libido boosters that are of the best foods that will improve your sexual desire, positively affect your sexual life, and deliver results in achieving harder erections and better stamina.
In Part 3 we talked about some natural male libido boosters like Ginger, Cadamom, Sweet Basil, Pumpkin Seeds, Wine, Chocolate and Garlic. Here,We will continue with the following natural male libido boosters.

List of Natural Male Libido Boosters


You said you want higher libido and stronger erections and not bigger muscles? Well, you’d be surprised if I told you that eggs do improve sexual desire. They are rich in vitamins B5 and B6 which regulate hormonal levels and decrease stress. Not sexy enough you say? Then try caviar (yummy with fresh toasted bread and a little butter). Both bird and fish eggs have the property to raise your sexual desire.


C’mon guys, who is not familiar with these beautiful fruits of the sea? Oysters have just the right ingredients to boost your libido. High levels of vitamins and zinc regulate hormonal levels for increase libido and stronger erections, histamine (make sure you are not allergic!) flushes your body with warmth, and to be honest, they look pretty sexy and guarantee a romantic happy ending through the night.


Gentlemen, it’s time to eat your veggies! And start with celery! Raw celery increase the levels of androsterone in men, which drives the ladies who get in contact with them just wild and crazy.


I know, I already have introduced watermelon in other blog posts, but this sweet fruit has just what you need for harder erections. Watermelon contains the amino acid l-citruline which relaxes and opens up the vessels allowing the blood to be pumped into your sexy parts. And an improved blood flow leads to harder erections.

Maca Root

The Peruvian culture has many rituals and secrets; one of them is maca root. Maca root contains p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, minerals and fatty acids which improve libido.


Time to get your “spice” on! Chilies cause a release of endorphins inside the body which make you feel happy and horny. Chili also improves the blood circulation of the sexual parts which can be beneficial to both parties.


Who does not love guacamole and co.? Avocados contain a cocktail of ingredients which are very beneficial to your overall health. They are rich in potassium that can jump start your libido and folic acid which will make you last longer. They are also full of “good fatty acids” which can unclog your arteries, improve blood circulation, and deliver harder erections.


Honestly, their distinct shape is already talking “sex”, isn’t it? Asparagus are rich in folates and B vitamins. Folates regulate histamine levels which stimulate sexual urges.
So next time you go on a date or just to have a nice dinner and are looking for a romantic night, include these male libido boosters to your list. Let food fuel your body and senses and improve your health and sexual functioning.

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