Dr. Elist Tips for Getting Harder Erections (Part Two)

Foods for Stronger Erections
Dr. Elist Tips for Getting Harder Erections (Part Two)

Harder Erections  – How to! (Part Two)

Dr. Elist Advise: Clean Your Arteries for Better and Harder Erections
It has been scientifically proven that erectile dysfunction is strongly related to heart disease. Heart disease is a common problem of our modern society and mostly related to sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and wrong diet. The same way that fatty junk food can lead to increased bad cholesterol and clog the arteries, “good foods” can clean up the junk and improve blood flow and overall health, improved overall mental and physical health results in improved sexuality and harder erections.
By simply adjusting your food to “artery-friendly” foods, over time you may notice an improvement in your erection quality and overall health.

Foods good for getting harder erections

Some of the top “Artery-Friendly” foods include:
Asparagus has many health benefits, including taking off the pressure from the arteries, help reduce inflammation, and fight against blood clots. Old Germans have already enjoyed asparagus as a potential libido booster and inducer of harder erections.
Pomegranate is sometimes referred as “the fruit of Gods”. It is full of antioxidants which boost immunity and protect the arteries. Furthermore, it seems to increase nitric oxide necessary for arteries to stay open and allow a better blood flow that leads to stronger and harder erections.
Harder Erections
Widely used in oriental cuisine, turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties important for fighting atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis means clogged arteries and less blood flow. Good blood flow is necessary for harder erections and a healthy body.
Blue-green algae extract can help artery walls to relax and decrease the blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major cause of vessel damage and clogged arteries which are enemies of better and stronger erections. Furthermore, it can aid your liver to decrease the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Bad cholesterol clogs small arteries and decreases blood flow. Good blood flow is essential for achieving harder erections; so clean out the old pipes and enjoy your strength!
Cranberries, like many other berries, are rich in potassium which can aid to decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.
Especially in the heat of summer, watermelons are a favorite snack to cool down and replenish lost fluids. But did you know that this tasty fruit can also help your arteries to stay healthy resulting in stronger erections? Watermelon contains L-citruline which increase nitric oxide in the arteries allowing them to relax and improve blood flow essential for harder erections. Many athletes are using L-citruline as a pre-workout supplement to improve the “muscle pump” caused by improved blood flow in the muscles. So get a better pump and harder erections by enjoying a piece of chilled and sweet watermelon.
As you can see, not all healthy food has to be bad tasting. Just a few simple modification to your diet plan and substitution of “bad food” with “artery-friendly” food can have a huge impact on your overall health and would help with harder erections. And an improved overall health will aid to improve your stamina, sexual desire and harder erections.