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Dr. Elist is one of the world’s most accomplished urologists, who has dedicated his professional career to helping men resolve problems with penile size, deformities, and conditions.

His approach is to treat each patient with individual attention, concern, and the highest level of medical expertise to significantly improve quality of life and confidence. If you have concerns about any of the following problems, you deserve to meet with Dr. Elist – where you will be heard, and where you can take advantage of the range of advanced treatments that can help you live a happier life:

  • Micropenis
  • Penis Deformities
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Penile Enlargement
  • Penile Lengthening
  • Penile Widening
  • Penuma® Implant
  • Penile Prosthesis for ED
  • Peyronie’s Repair
  • Penile Reconstruction
  • Supra Pubic Fat Removal
  • Testicular Enlargement

Meet Dr. Elist: Premier Urologist In Beverly Hills

If you are struggling with a penile condition or an undersized penis, it is one of the most difficult of all of life’s problems. It affects your willingness to engage in intimate relationships and enjoy life to the fullest. Dr. Elist and his compassionate team has worked closely with male patients with various physical issues for decades and he understands the difficulties and emotional stresses associated with penile conditions.

Philosophy of Penile Enhancement  Beverly Hills

Our Approach: Advanced Treatments And Real-World Results.

When the penis has not developed correctly and is abnormally small with a normal configuration, the condition is termed a “micropenis.” The size of a micropenis is about three inches or less when flaccid and about five inches when erect. A penis of this size typically has an abnormal position of the opening of the urethra, a medical condition called “hypospadia.” These conditions can be resolved with the help of Dr. Elist, leading urologist in Beverly Hills.

Deep Care And Compassion:
We Get What You Are Going Through.

The patient experience matters to us – and Dr. Elist and his team of medical professionals treats each patient with deep care, compassion, and attention. We are with you every step of the way, from your initial consultation, through treatment, and beyond. We are proud of our outstanding track record of success and the high and sustained satisfaction for our patients. With thousands of procedures performed to date, you can be confident you are under the care of one of the leading professionals in the field.

Results Matter To Us

Dr. Elist is driven to get results that make a difference in your quality of life and health. We have performed thousands of penile enlargement surgeries with incredible results – and men who now live life with total confidence, free from embarrassment, and ready to take on the world. We believe these intimate and personal problems, once solved, are critical to the quality of life of the individual and we take pride in being part of that journey.

Philosophy of Penile Enhancement  Beverly Hills

Private Clinic For Beverly Hills Penis Enlargement

Philosophy of Penile Enhancement  Beverly Hills

For men who seek help to resolve a penile problem, there is no more compassionate, accomplished, and revered urologist that Dr. Elist. At his private Beverly Hills clinic, he employs the most advanced techniques, including modern penile implants that look and function as nature intended.

The goal is to help his male patients regain confidence, function, and have a more positive outlook on life through various treatments, including penis enlargement and testicular enlargement. You owe it to yourself to seek help from a medical professional who has made resolving these problems his life’s work. Call today to schedule a private consultation.

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Through experience, empathy, and patient empowerment, Dr. Elist offers a comprehensive and detail-oriented treatment plan for every patient. Schedule your consultation to discuss treatments for men in Los Angeles with premier surgeon Dr. James Elist, and begin your journey confident that your best results are just ahead of you.