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Testicular Replacement in Beverly Hills

There are many factors which impact your sexual health and confidence. If you have had a testicle removed due to trauma or illness, were born with congenital malformations of the testicle, or have experienced testicular shrinkage, there is a solution. Testicular implants from Dr. James J. Elist can restore your body, sexual identity, and your confidence.

What is Testicular Replacement?

With age or certain medical conditions, one or both testicles may shrink or need to be removed completely. Dr. Elist’s exclusive oval-shaped implants are used to replace the missing or removed testicle to ensure a more natural look and feel for you. The implants are soft to the touch and may be the closest thing to a natural testicle for you.

Why is Testicular Enlargement Performed?

Testicular enlargement is performed for several reasons including:

  • To replace a missing testicle
  • To replace a testicle which did not descend into the scrotum
  • To replace a removed testicle (e.g., for cancer)

What are the Benefits of Testicular Enhancement?

In men who believe that their scrotal area is too small, misshapen, deformed, or otherwise unnatural looking, testicular enlargement implants provide a natural-looking result for added size. These implants are designed to provide the cosmetic enhancement that will give your self-confidence the boost it needs.

Am I A Candidate for Testicular Enlargement?

While testicular implants will not replace the functionality of a missing testicle, they can provide cosmetic enhancement for men who wish to restore the cosmetic appearance of the scrotum. Men who seek testicular enhancement should be in overall good health, and able to withstand a surgical procedure. If you do not have a functioning testicle, you will still need to receive testosterone therapy once you have received your testicular implant. Dr. Elist will review any past scrotal surgeries you have undergone, and let you know what impact that may have on your ability to receive testicular implants if any.

What Should I Look for When Seeking a Physician for Testicular Replacement?

When seeking a surgeon for testicular replacement, it is imperative that you seek a urologist who has experience with such delicate surgeries. Dr. Elist is seen as a pioneer, innovator, and mentor in the field of male urology, crafting many of his own techniques over the course of his 40 plus years career. He specializes in treating issues of male sexual dysfunction, genital abnormalities or deformities, or sexual cosmetic and functional enhancement which lead his patients to live happier, healthier lives. With thousands of successful surgeries, there is no one else you should trust with such a delicate procedure.

What Should I Expect During Testicular Replacement Surgery?

Testicular enlargement surgery is performed on an outpatient basis in our Beverly Hills facilities under either general anesthesia. The surgical procedure as a whole is relatively straightforward and is usually completed in 45 to 60 minutes. Dr. Elist will make a small incision in the scrotum through which the testicular prosthesis will be inserted. Once this is complete, the incision will be closed with sutures.

What is the Recovery from Testicular Replacement Surgery Like?

As with all surgical procedures, recovery from testicular replacement varies from patient to patient. You can expect mild to moderate discomfort and swelling in the initial 24 to 48 hours following your procedure. Dr. Elist will provide you with pain medication in order to allow you to recover in comfort. Your scrotum will likely be quite tender in the weeks following your surgery. It is imperative that you rest and allow your body to recover from your testicular replacement procedure. You should be able to resume light activity seven to ten days following your procedure. Dr. Elist will advise you about when it will be appropriate for you to resume more strenuous activities, including sexual intercourse.

Will the Results of Testicular Replacement be Long-Lasting?

Yes. Results of your testicular replacement will be immediately visible following your surgical procedure and will very likely last for the rest of your life. If for some reason you should decide to reverse your testicular prosthesis placement, removal of testicular prostheses is usually as simple as the insertion process.

Testicular Replacement

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