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Penile Reconstruction in Beverly Hills, CA

Penile Reconstruction Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Penile Reconstruction

When you have suffered penile trauma, which has resulted in the loss or disfigurement of your penis, it is devastating. One of the miraculous things about modern medicine is the ability to repair congenital deformities or trauma which has occurred. These calamitous injuries do not need to define your life or your sexuality. You can reclaim your masculinity, sexuality, and your life through penile reconstruction from Dr. Elist. You are not alone, and we can help.

What is Penile Reconstruction?

Penile reconstruction, or phalloplasty, is a surgical procedure which rebuilds the penis and restores functionality for both urination and sexual activity. During phalloplasty, the surgery creates a tube (the urethra) within a tube (the neophallus). This tube is connected to the nerves and blood supply of the lower pelvis, with the inner tube being connected to the urethra. If required, the head of the penis will be sculpted out of this tissue.

Why is Penile Reconstruction Performed?

There are many reasons that penile reconstruction is performed. In transitioning males, phalloplasty is often the final step in the gender confirmation of female-to-male transgender patients. For biological males, penile reconstruction may be necessary following trauma that caused loss or mutilation of the genitals, could be necessitated by congenital defects of the penis or urethra, or could be the result of penile cancer or other ailments. No matter why you are seeking penile reconstruction Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Elist, is an innovator in the field of male urology and will be there to guide you through your procedure every step of the way.

What Are The Benefits of Penile Reconstruction?

Penile reconstruction can significantly improve the quality of life for those who seek it. Not only does penile reconstruction allow you to urinate properly, it will

  • Allow your clothes to fit as you remember them
  • Give you the freedom to be in a locker room without feeling the need to hide
  • Restore your masculinity
  • Restore sexual confidence
  • Improve your self-image
Penile Reconstruction Beverly Hills

Why Should I Choose DR. Elist For My Penile Reconstruction?

Penile Reconstruction Beverly Hills

Dr. James J. Elist has been an innovator in the field of male urology for more than 40 years. He has successfully performed thousands of penile operations during his career, giving him the experience and artistic skill required to perform your penile reconstruction. He knows that phalloplasty is an intensely personal procedure and is dedicated to your complete success. Throughout your time with us, you will receive the individual attention and thoughtful care you deserve.

The general technique used during penile reconstruction is called radial artery-based forearm phalloplasty, or RAP. Within your forearm, there are two large arteries which supply the forearm with blood.

During RAP, one of the arteries and at least one large nerve as well as external skin and the soft tissue which protects the bone is removed and rolled into a tube. Dr. Elist will attach this neophallus to the blood and nerve tissues in the groin. You may also choose to have a penile implant installed at this time in order to achieve an erection.

What Can I Expect During Penile Reconstruction?

What is The Recovery From Penile Reconstruction Like?

Dr. Elist will provide you with detailed instructions for your recovery before your procedure. You will be provided with pain medication to allow you to recover in comfort.

It is important that you avoid any strenuous activities, including anything that would require pushing, pulling, lifting, jumping, running, or straining for at least six weeks. Light activity, however, will be an important part of your recovery as it encourages blood flow to your newly-reconstructed penis. You should not shower or wash your neophallus until Dr. Elist instructs you to do so. A member of our medical staff will be here for you to answer any questions you have during your recovery process.

Penile Reconstruction Beverly Hills

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