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Penile Enhancement Reviews

Another great experience. Staff are extremely helpful and supportive. The operation and follow ups were seemless. Dr. Elist has been amazing and has provided me with a rewarding and fulfilling journey to self improvement. I give the office a 5 star rating and would recommend it to others.

― Anonymous

First off I want to thank Dr. Elist for the work he does. He is an amazing doctor and person. He is very gentle caring and professional. He helps people improve their self esteem and lives and I am very grateful and respectful of him for that. He has helped me make a decisive move on transforming my life, thank you. Also the whole stuff were very friendly, caring and professional, every single person. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the entire process. Starting from my inquiring to the final day.

― D.

I researched this procedure for over two years. During that time I exchanged dozens of emails that were promptly returned. I was explained both the testicular and penile enhancement worked. Once I had made my decision to move forward with the procedure, both the staff and Dr. Elist made sure I was comfortable with the procedure. Pre op and post op. I am very pleased with the result of my procedure. With I had done it sooner.

― Anonymous

Prior to surgery my life was full of insecurity regarding intimacy, it made me feel like avoiding sexual contact. After getting over the insidious feel of having surgery my life has changed 180 degrees. I no longer give sexual contact a second thought. It has gave me confidence in intimacy with anyone. Life is good again.

― Anonymous

Dr. Elist and his staff were very kind and supportive throughout the whole process. It's clear that Dr. Elist and his team are high demand; and my only recommendation is to allow more time for each patient to meet with Dr. Elist personally. Other than that I had a very positive experience (so far), special shoutout to doctor Ray and Matt for making everything comfortable for me. Thanks Dr. Elist!

― Anonymous

Dr. Elist and his staff were very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. They all made me feel very comfortable for this procedure. The procedure itself went exactly as they described and there were no issues. The immediate results were excellent and exceeded my expectations.

― Anonymous

Thus for, the experience was exceptional. From the initial consultation to pre-surgery to post-surgery. The attention to detail one would expect for a sensitive procedure like this has been reassuring. I'm only 3 days into the post surgery healing process, but I feel very comfrotable that the high level of care will continue.

― Anonymous

Dr. Elist and his assistant doctors were very caring and helpful. They were there every step of the way answering questions. Great experience.

― Anonymous

Showering after gym glass in middle school and comparing myself to other classmates, that is when I started paving my road of low self-esteem. As the years passed, I worked diligently and was confident in areas in my control, unfortunately, my body development wasn’t one of those areas. Now later in life, I’m over 50, self-perception has had a significant impact on my life and relationships. Because of my size, it has affected how I felt emotionally and impacted the personal connection with my wife. It was the personal judgment and self-rejection of my image that has negatively influenced the physical and emotional relationship with my spouse.

I am now seven weeks post-surgery and exuberant with the results. Improving a very private and emotionally sensitive area has already started to dissolve my poor body image, and I am beginning to develop more confidence and self-esteem in areas beyond my marriage. The results of the procedure by Dr. Elist has improved my personal image resulting in being more outgoing and positive.

― Anonymous

The staff was extremely professional and discreet. I was very nervous about the whole experience and at every opportunity the staff put me at ease, Dr. Elist and his staff exude professionalism and expertise. They were extremely busy, but always had time to answer my questions.

― Anonymous

I traveled all the way from Florida to get the Penuma silicone implant. Dr. Elist's team worked with me for hotel, transportation and meds. I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical about it. I had the procedure done not even 4 days ago and I just got my drain removed and I feel great. I am very grateful God put me in this path. I already feel more confident and powerful.

― Patient from Florida

My experience with Dr. Elist and his team has been outstanding. They went out of their way to make the process as comfortable as possible. Dr. Elist explained the procedure in detail, and made it easy for me to discuss a difficult topic. The procedure was literally less than an hour. I don't remember any of it! Had some soreness that night, but was able to sleep fine. My follow up check went well, and Dr. Ali was extremely helpful in talking about post op instructions and experctations. I'd recommend this procedure to anyone who has thought about the possibility of penile changes. I would like to thank Dr. Elist and staff for such a smooth and enriched experience. Looking forward to the next 6 - 12 months!

― R.

My experience here was great and I can't wait to see full reults in the coming weeks. Thanks Dr. Elist and staff.

― Anonymous

I got to say at first I was a bit nervous. Dr. Elist staff was kind in the office and surgery center and started making conversation with nurse, good people. I expected it to hurt but not really, the only thing that sucked was the first day after surgery taking a piss, it burns but nothing to die for. The drain instructions very easy and once taken out didn't hurt one bit. As well for the results, I gotta say I left with a big smile. It's going to be good days coming from now on. Thanks Dr. Elist, staff, Dr. Duen, and Zack funny guy. I can now start working out and get big member as well. I highly recommend this to any friends.

― R.

Dr Elist was great, he showed that he cares for me and his patients and that was what I was looking for.

― H. L.

Dr Elist & Dr O are the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure to be with. They have changed my life in ways that I’m beyond happy!

― F. C.

Dr Elist was great, he showed that he cares for his patients and that was what I was looking for. 6 months post surgery and this is the best money I have ever spent.

― H. M.

Everything has been going great I’m in no pain tenderness or soreness whatsoever, The results of this surgery have blown me away. recovery has been a walk in the park . This surgery has been the best decision ive ever made !!!! And everything has worked out perfectly.

― J.G.

I’d like to offer a few words of praise. You are an amazing physician, but one of your employees, Josh, is also a real asset to your business. He’s all the things a patient wants in an emotionally tough situation like mine was: he’s professional, knowledgeable, intuitive, a good listener, sympathetic, thoughtful, and understanding. Consequently, one of my goals is to always take the time to offer words of appreciation to acknowledge a job well done.

― D. H.

I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort recovery has been a walk in the park and im so glad I went through with this surgery I feel more confident and my overall outlook on life has improved . I could have never imagined what a blessing this would be I am so grateful to Dr elist &co for this

― J. C.

Everything has been going amazing ! I can’t believe the progress that has been made so far I feel like I get longer and thicker every day I can’t wait to use it

― E. C.

Some haters out there, they just delayed my decision-making process. went and saw these guys in person. Real good and caring people. Pulled the trigger and did the surgery, can’t be happier!

― W. Z.

Dr Elist and his staff are the definition of the professionalism. From the initial emails to the procedure and its follow ups, I have been very well taken care of.

― N. T.

Everything has been going great in the last week I have grown at least and inch in the last week .vRight after surgery I was 7×5.5 flaccid and 7×6.5 erect now I am 8×6.5 when flaccid erect I am 8×7.5 it blows my mind that it has only been 4 weeks..

― A. N.

Did a little bit of research, took me a year to finally trust Dr. Elist and so happy I did it. Healing process is not fast but I followed his instruction booklet and now I am rocking it 🙂

― D. J.

Sex was amazing! My wife had incredible orgasms. I had big issues now with condoms. Regular size strangles my penis (unbelievable). Larger size still doesn’t fit (even more unbelievable).

― T. H.

I had my PE surgery performed by DR Elist 2 months ago and I can say that I’m satisfied with the initial results. The girth results has been very satisfying. The flaccid length state has also been satisfying. Just waiting on the final erect length results. I highly recommend this surgery to anyone. The initial surgery and recovery were also a breeze, which was not what I expected. Give it a shot.

― G. K.

Excellent from start to finish… the whole staff! And the results are life-changing.

― T. M.

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Penis Enlargement Testimonials

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