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Explore the literary works of Dr. James J. Elist, a distinguished surgeon, and witness the fusion of his medical expertise and unwavering faith in captivating narratives. These publications delve into the intersection of spirituality and medicine, offering profound insights and life-altering lessons. Discover a unique perspective on the role of faith in a surgeon's journey and the impact it has on the challenges faced in the medical field.

OPERATING WITH GOD: A Surgeon’s Stories of Faith

Join Dr. James J. Elist on an incredible journey where religion and surgery meet. In "Operating with God," you'll discover stories of unexpected miracles, life-changing moments, and the importance of having faith in a higher power. This fascinating memoir explores how Dr. Elist's religious beliefs have influenced his career as a surgeon, highlighting faith's role in both personal and professional growth. If you're looking for an inspiring read that will leave you feeling uplifted and empowered, "Operating with God" is the book for you.

Put Impotency in Your Past

Dive into Dr. Elist's authoritative guide, "Put Impotency in Your Past," a timeless resource released in 1991. This handbook sheds light on male impotence and erectile dysfunction, evolving from a mental to a predominantly physical disorder. Dr. Elist emphasizes consulting specialized urologists and building trusting relationships for successful outcomes. Whether exploring physical or psychological sources, this book assures that most impotent men can be treated with the latest techniques.

A Matter of Size: What Men Have Always Wanted to Know, But Could Never Ask

This book is a resource for men who wish to increase the size of their penis or testicles through the use of innovative surgery. Author and Professor Gottfried Lemperle provides a scientific, yet accessible, explanation of the products and services available to increase penis and testicle size, taking a close look at the revolutionary procedure performed by world-renowned urologist Dr. James Elist. Dr. Elist’s exciting technique has helped men achieve their realistic sexual potential.

Himplant A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Male Enhancement

2002 marked a significant shift in the pursuit of successful penile augmentation. Dr. James Elist, a Beverly Hills-based urologist, was acutely aware of the failings of previous attempts. His approach was informed by his extensive experience in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) with prosthetics, and he took inspiration from breast augmentation procedures. His innovative idea: to use soft silicone implants that would not be reabsorbed.

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