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Natural Libido Boosters! Eat and Get It On! (Part 3)

June 6th, 2013

Natural Libido Boosters! Eat and Get It On! (Part 3)

Natural Libido Boosters, Eat and Get It On! (Part 3)

Food is an important part of our social living. Food is not only nourishment for our bodies, but it is the major power source for the mind’s drive, works as natural libido boosters and the important fuel for proper physiological functioning. Good and proper food also nourishes our most primitive feelings; sexual drive, libido, harder erections, and a more satisfactory sexual life. Harder erections are dependent on a well “oiled” blood flow, but strong libido and sexual arousal are what initiate harder erections. So how about combining nutrition with wellness? I would like to introduce to you some natural libido boosters that are of the best foods that will improve your sexual desire, positively affect your sexual life, and deliver results in achieving harder erections and better stamina.

Natural Libido Boosters, Ginger

Spicy, hot, and energizing; ginger stimulates the senses and the excitement associated with sexual arousal. Eat some ginger at dinner and get hot and ready. It also improves the blood flow and circulation which means harder erections.

Natural Libido Boosters, Cardamom

The sexy spice! Cardamom is a spice commonly used in Indian cuisine. It is rich in cineole which stimulates libido. Used as spice or tea (Chai Tea is rich on cardamom) it will deliver real excitement.
Natural Libido Boosters

Natural Libido Boosters, Sweet Basil

How about some Italian “amore”? Sweet basil has been used since the ancient times as is well known for its aphrodisiac properties. Eat it for improved libido and harder erections, and keep some plants around for to keep the hormones flowing.

Natural Libido Boosters, Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t like oysters? Maybe you are allergic to it? But you have heard of their aphrodisiac properties and would like to see what it all is about? Then try pumpkin seeds! Like oysters, pumpkin seeds are full of zinc and many other vitamins that will improve testosterone levels. And you know what testosterone is good for; high libido and harder erections.

Natural Libido Boosters, Wine

Let’s lift the glasses and drink a toast; to our ladies and their sexual desire! One to two glasses of wine have been shown to improve female sexual desire, lubrication, and overall sexual performance. Cheers ladies.

Natural Libido Boosters, Chocolate

I think there is not much needed to be said about chocolate; full of phenylethylamines, chocolate brings good mood and makes you feel like being in love.

Natural Libido Boosters, Garlic

Now you may ask: “How would garlic stink arouse sexual desire?” It’s not about the smell, but about the allicin contained in garlics. The substance does not only increase libido, but it also improve blood circulation  for harder erections. Share a garlici meal followed by some breath-mints, or simply take odorless garlic capsules.

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