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Jobs and Sexual Life, Stress is a Killer

September 12th, 2013

Jobs and Sexual Life, Stress is a Killer

Jobs and Sexual Life, Does Your Job Negatively Affect Your Sexual Life?!

It is well known, and as discussed in prior posts, stress and preoccupation does negatively affect sexual desire and performance. A study conducted at the Manchester University recently published the list of the professions, which have a negative influence on a man’s sexual life.

Dangerous Jobs and Sexual Life

Blog Stress and Adrenaline, jobs and sexual lifeThe number one profession being adversely associate with unhealthy and unsatisfactory sexual life is that of a Businessmen. Men running businesses are all the time stressed, eat non-regularly and as a result they almost have no time and power for a personal life, that is one of the effects of stress of the jobs and sexual life. And we all know how bad stress and non-healthy food is affecting our general and sexual health, right?
The list continues with policemen, military servicemen and security employees, that is, people whose work is connected with a risk. They are busy with their work so much and have no opportunity to share their time for relaxes and enjoyment. Stress and worries do occupy the mind and won’t allow a man to relax and get in the mood.
People with artistic professions, who frequently abuse alcohol, occupy the third place, as their energy is spared by art creation and there is no time left for sex. While Rock’N’Roll starts are usually associated with a party life full of sex and drugs (of course this is a general public idea and not always proven to be the truth), the study clearly indicates that too much of a good thing can be bad as well.

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