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Libido Loss: Libido Busters and How to Overcome Them

May 8th, 2013

Libido Loss: Libido Busters and How to Overcome Them

Libido Loss: Libido Busters and How to Overcome Them

Dr. Elist advises: “Get to know common libido busters(libido loss) and how to overcome them.”
Occasional loss of sexual desire (libido loss) seems to be a common phenomenon of our modern world. Most of the times the cause is simple and not associated with an actual disease. All you need to do is review your daily habits and see if there are things you do that might distract and kill your desire for intimacy which causes libido loss.
libido lossFirst question to ask yourself is whether you have what we would call an “over-active brain”? Are you a phone/computer/television addict and can’t just turn your attention off of electronic distractions?
If you belong to this group, try to relax and focus your attention to more natural phenomenons in your daily life. Turning off all electronic devices, little exercise, a romantic dinner, and some healthy and natural supplements like PotentAid* will help you relax and rediscover the beauty of romance and sex.
Maybe you are able to relax, but are just too exhausted for intimacy. Why not take some time off to rest or get a nice massage? Being exhausted and lack of sleep are major causes of libido loss. A tired mind and a tired body just can’t focus on intimacy.
Too much focus on sex and considering it as a “duty” is another important factor that can disrupt your natural desire for intimacy. Or maybe you are just too distracted by other things? Shifting focus and being able to set priorities can help you to improve your time management, allow you to control the over-active brain, be relax and avoid libidio loss.
As usual, first step to healing is to find the problem. Targeted approach will then guide you to solution. So relax and enjoy!
*PotentAid is an all natural herbal supplement to boost libido and sexual performance. If taken late at night or shortly before bedtime, it may interfere with your sleep.

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