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Men and Love! How Love Can Impact Your Mind and Body

January 31st, 2014

Men and Love! How Love Can Impact Your Mind and Body

Men and Love!

New love can be an exciting time. Butterflies in your stomach. A constant smile on your face. An extra spring in your step. Suddenly everything appears “half glass full”. Science proves combination of Men and Love could have interesting impact on a man’s life!

How Love Can Impact Your Mind and Body

According to recent research from the University of Maryland, young love might come with a price. Studies reveal that being in love can interfere with your brain’s ability to stay on task.
Results were determined through a series of cognitive tests conducted on individuals in new relationships. Researchers noticed that the more “passionate love” a man felt towards his partner, the worse he performed on items that required self-control and the ability to filter out distractions (as if men didn’t already have enough interferences with self-control!).
The study author reveals the reason behind this: your mind is so preoccupied with your new mate and the new relationship that your brain has trouble prioritizing what to focus on.
But researchers quickly learned that it didn’t stop there. Being head-over-heels affects the body in more ways than one. In fact, it affects men on a regular day-to-day basis.

Highway of LoveLove and Blood Pressure

A man’s blood pressure level drops by a full point when he is around his mate, reveals a study from the State University of New York, Oswego. Whether the relationship is new, old, happy, or rocky does not matter! Speculations are that the mere familiarity of a partner’s presence is enough to induce calmness.

Love and Speed

Research from Seattle Pacific University showed that walking next to a romantic partner, slowed a man’s pace down by seven percent. Why? It’s easier to maintain intimacy when both partners are walking slowly.

Love and Breath Patterns

His breathing pattern synchronizes with hers, says research from the University or California, Davis. The research shows that just sitting down next to your partner is enough to align your breathing. Study authors speculate that romantic partners may unconsciously recognize and mimic each other’s physiological states.
Butterflies in your stomach is a real thing! A study from the U.K. revealed the brain scans of people in love. Researchers identified four regions of high brain activity: three of these regions were related to conventional feelings of emotional excitement, but the fourth was linked to the gut. While this explains the fluttering feel, researchers could not explain the connection.

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