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High speed chase on the highway of love…

July 2nd, 2013

High speed chase on the highway of love…

Chase of Love…

Gentlemen, this may sound like an action flick, but it’s (mainly) for the ladies! So beware…
Early morning, halfway through a dream recapturing the things we did not get to finish yesterday, alarm clock ringing after the third snooze, and eyes that just beg to not to be exposed to the light: does this sound like a typical morning to you?
Work, study, family, and many more things in life just seem to keep us running through the day; always under stress and always in fight-and-flight mode far from chase of love! The body is working on extreme mode, powered by the numerous cups of coffee, and the mind is just racing from task to task trying to finish past-due tasks before the clock just throws us out into the rush-hour traffic. Finally home, still chasing time to finish some left over work, ding-dong, it’s time to repeat the whole routine again. Oh boy, that must be just killing the libido like the terminator. Boom, hit the bed, close the eyes, try to shut down the brain, and you are back into the dream-reality movie you left unfinished earlier the same morning.
The above might sound like a an exaggerated modern novel hero chasing time, but the truth is that life takes its toll on all of us consuming our time, energy, and one more important thing: libido and the enjoyment of sexuality.
Well, of course we can not just quit our jobs and duties to focus on chase of love, but there are things we can do to improve our libido and sexual life.

Let’s Start With a Simple One Breath!!!

You may laugh and say “I do breath the whole day”, but let’s try to take a really deep breath. Let go and infuse your lungs with oxygen. And now, another deep breath. Deep breathing releases dopamine, which is the calming hormone. But let’s just breath and do not think about the scientific facts. Breath, and let go of negative thoughts and feelings. Feel your body and mind being freed of negativity and filled with positive thoughts and energy. Deep breathing will calm you down, free the mind, and make you more receptive for chase of love and happiness.

How About a Calming And Soothing Shower or Bath?

Let’s get wet and let the warm water wash away all that tension and calm your body. Showering or bathing with warm water release oxytocin, the love hormone. But again, let’s forget about the science. Close your eyes, let the warm soothing water run down your body, and imagine it being the soft and tender touch of your lover holding you and inflame the sexual desire in you.

Let’s Have a Chat..

Take your time to chase of love by engaging in a conversation with your partner. Share your feelings and emotions and let him take away the heavy burden of the daily duties. Share your worries, and allow him/her to calm down your mind. And you never know, talking can take so many directions which may just end in silent but joyful times.

Gentlemen, Sharing a Word With You…

Get off work, leave all the stress behind, and hit the gym for some exercise or hit the road for a jog. Pump the testosterone high with those dumbbells and let the wild side free. Your lady might just have followed the above recommendations and be waiting for you to take her on that high speed highway chase of love.

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