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Low Sex Drive? Dr. Elist will discuss

July 16th, 2013

Low Sex Drive? Dr. Elist will discuss

Understanding Low Male Libido or Low Sex Drive

What is Low Sex Drive? Libido or sex drive is a person’s overall desire for sexual activity and is determined by biological, psychological, and social factors. Even though men are considered as being hardwired to almost always have desire for sex and being able to do it whenever and wherever they want it, but male libido can be affected by several factors as well.  Female and male libido is an important factor of human relationships, both for intimacy and for reproduction. A lack of libido may adversely affect a relationship and be a cause of distress. In fact, almost 20% of men lack any sexual desire and would rather do everything else but engage in sexual activities. As in all other biological behavioral categories, male libido varies from man to man. While most of men are in the “normal range” for male libido, some may have reduced and others may have increased sexual desire.
Male libido is affected by many factors. Age, overall health, socioeconomically aspects, as well as psychological state of being affect male libido. During the years of my practice, I have been approached by numerous men who complained about “not getting it on anymore” and “not being the same as before”. Sure does age affect male libido, but other underlying issues might be the “invisible” causes of low male libido. I always recommend my patients to come and see me when they have enough time to talk and are not under time pressure. Sometimes just a simple but thorough history taking and a friendly chat is able to reveal the cause of low male libido.

What May Cause Low Sex Drive and How to Deal With It?

As mentioned before, many factors may cause low sex drive. Leaving out the age (as many older gentlemen are still full of burning desire for sex), there are several biological, psychological, and socioeconomic factors that may affect male libido.

Psychological Issues Causing Low Sex Drive:

Psychological disorders such as depression are important causes of low sex drive. Furthermore, stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation/disturbances, or problems of daily life exhausting the body and mind are also important factors affecting male libido. Even relationship or family problems can negatively affect male libido and cause low sex drive.
Another important psychological factor affecting male libido is body image issues or body dysmorphic syndrome. Not always, but many times this anxiety issue might be based on real anatomical deficiencies exposing the male psyche to a great deal of distress and performance doubts causing low sex drive in men.
If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any kind of psychological dilemmas, seeing a therapist or consultant might be the right choice for you. Talk to your counselor and let him help you to overcome the issues and bring joy back into your life.  If family or relationship problems are bothering you, talk them out.
If genital size has been an issue decreasing your male libido, there is good news: now a days there are possibilities to overcome this problem as well (Penile Enhancement Surgeries).

Biological Issues That Cause Low Sex Drive:

Low Sex Drive, Smoking Cause ImpotenceBiological issue causing low sex drive may include chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance, but also use of medication.
Chronic diseases such as anemia do may cause low sex drive. Malnutrition and underweight are other issues affecting male libido. Very important and effective on low sex drive are also quitting cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, and/or the use of other drugs.
The use of many medication such as medication for depression or high blood pressure may adversely cause low sex drive.
Further, and very important factors causing low sex drive are hormonal level and imbalance. Testosterone is the main sexual hormone affecting energy, stamina, libido, and erectile functioning. Age, illnesses, medication, drugs, depression, stress, lack of sleep and etc. can negatively affect male libido by disturbing the hormonal balance between testosterone and prolactin, as well as dopamine.
Some of the above mentioned factors such as chronic diseases are unfortunately harder to deal with than the others. If you do smoke, quit smoking. If you drink too much, cut the amount or stop. And please do not use drugs. Simple measures as theses will be able to improve male libido immensely.
If none of the above can be considered as a cause for your low sex drive, please ask your physician for a blood work up to include hormonal panel.
During the last thirty years of my medical practice, I’ve been approached by many men who were suffering from low testosterone as the cause of low sex drive. A simple blood test is able to determine the hormonal levels and different treatment options will be able to improve male libido. If low testosterone should be the cause of your low sex drive, injections, gels, or inserts might just be the right solution for the improvement of your male libido.

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