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Matter of Size

October 10th, 2013

Matter of Size

Matter of Size…or Maybe Not?

Different ethnic backgrounds, different cultural beliefs, different life and sexual experiences, and many different penis sizes… long debated, widely researched and measured, and yet the male penis size remains a matter of size. But is it really a matter of size?
Many rather average or slightly below average sized men suffer from personal and sexual insecurity and low self esteem because of their believe that manhood is a matter of size, and are further convinced that men with bigger penises are the better lovers. And while most studies do confirm (or not) that it is really a matter of size and while most women do confirm that a bigger penis (we’re speaking here rather about girth than length) is more satisfactory during intercourse, a recently published study researched the actual male perception about their own size.

The Matter of Size by Research

A study conducted at the King’s College of London and recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine researched the actual male perception about their given size and associated sexual satisfaction and security.
For this study the researchers recruited 173 men to answer a battery of questions about body image, erectile function, and other concerns about their sexual parts; 46 men agreed to having their penises measured in both flaccid and erect states.
Matter of SizeWhile revealing the outcomes of the study , the lead researcher of the same study came to the conclusion that “it’s an emotional feeling” when men think about the matter of size. Results showed that 30% of the subjects reported dissatisfaction with their genitals, with only 35% saying that they were very happy with their penis size. The study furthermore revealed that older men and gay and bisexual men reported higher levels of anxiety regarding their penis size. Furthermore, the lead researcher stated that interestingly some well-endowed men reported having “penis shame,” while lots of men with smaller than average penises feel completely confident. In depth questioning then revealed that most of the men with insecurities had been teased at some point during their life, mostly by ex-partners, which had left them with a psychological trauma when it comes to the matter of size.
After a review of published studies about the male genital size and what female say, we can come to the conclusion that when it comes to a matter of size, it is a man’s perception of his own sexuality that counts the most. The above study clearly reveals that matter of size is perceived differently from man to man, and while some men with a well equipped genital department may still feel insecure and seek solutions (e.g. penile enlargement surgery), other men with an average or below average penis size might feel completely confident and enjoy sexual relations without spending a minute thinking about the matter of size.

So, what is the matter of size for you? If you belong to the group of men having doubts about their matter of size, penile enhancement surgery might be the right solution for you. By visiting our web site, learn about available options and let us help you to solve your insecurities regarding the matter of size.

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