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Sex Myths

December 27th, 2013

Sex Myths

Sex Myths 

Some of us are sexperts, some just do it, some know so much about it, and some don’t care… fact is that there are things that are well known, and some sex myths which are unknown and unspoken about. Also fact is that sex is generally considered as being healthy, both physically and psychologically. Sex can potentially improve female bladder control, lower blood pressure, burn calories, lower risk of heart attack, decrease pain, decrease risk for prostate cancer, and improve sleep and decrease stress.
And by the way, did you ladies know that sex can make you more beautiful? Studies have shown that sexual activity is accompanied by the release of hormones and anti-inflammatory molecules which can help to clean the skin and making it shine and look more beautiful.

Sex Myths or is it for Real?

So a little more knowledge might be very useful in improving sexuality…
Sexually Transmitted DiseasesGeneral rule and the most important one is safe sex practice. Following simple rules can make sex safe and enjoyable without any regrets. While there are several ways of contraception and STD prevention, condoms remain one of the most popular and widely used methods of practicing safe sex.
What you should know about condoms is the proper way of use. Correct placement on the erect penis, proper disposal after use, and the number of condoms used, yes, the number of how many condoms you use, makes condoms very safe and effective in preventing STD transmission and unwanted pregnancies.
Back to the number: Doubling up on condoms does not add “extra protection.”
You may believe two condoms are better than one, but the resulting friction can cause tearing or ripping. A damaged condom might be as ineffective as no condom. Also important is the expiration date and undamaged packaging.
Birth Control For MenIf you are using oral contraceptives, be aware that while being very effective preventing unwanted pregnancies, they do not protect against STDs. Furthermore, if you are using oral contraceptives and need to use other medication, especially those well known to be metabolized by the liver, the availability and effectiveness of your oral contraceptive may be decreased by the other medication making it less effective. Please always keep in mind that if the use of two different medications is indicated, their interactions should be discussed before use.
Another myth some believe in is the high effectiveness of the “pull out” method. What you should know is that the clear fluid before ejaculation, the so called “pre-cum”, may contain numerous sperm cells which could result in unwanted pregnancies.
Some also believe that urinating after sex can prevent sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. While this is not so true, urinating after an orgasm can indeed provide some health benefits. Urinating after sexual activity can “clean” the affected areas and prevent bacteria from intruding the urinary tract and causing infections.
Following some simple rules will make sexual adventures more enjoyable. And to be honest, knowing the above facts and getting knowledgeable about sex myths does add some piece of mind to the whole thing, isn’t it?

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