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Birth Control for Men or Male Contraception

August 29th, 2013

Birth Control for Men or Male Contraception

Birth Control for Men or Male Contraception

While it seems to be easy for the female to take a pill or have a intrauterine device (IUT) inserted in order to safely prevent unplanned pregnancies, the male population seem to be rather limited in the choice of contraception methods to chose from and the methods of birth control for men are no so many. The advancements of technology and medicine have introduced many options for prevention of unwanted parenthood.
The reason why contraception would be considered are various, so are the options and birth control for men or male contraception. When considering birth control for men, the safety of a certain method should be put first.


The most effective way of birth control for men is of course not having sex at all. With sexual relations being a major and important part of a healthy relationship, abstinence might pose itself as being very difficult to practice.


Made out of latex or plastic, condoms are one of the most effective birth control for men. Furthermore, condoms are very effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Although very effective, condoms do not 100% prevent pregnancy or STD. While worn on the penis (beware of latex allergy), condoms can easily be combined with other methods of birth control for men. Condoms are easy to use, relatively affordable, and provide good safety.


Birth Control For Men, low sex drive

While intercourse means penetration, during outercourse the actual sex play happens outside the female body. Foreplay, sensual massaging, and other methods of touching can help to reach sexual satisfaction without penetration. And since sperm can only last for a short period of time outside the body, outercourse is a safe method of birth control for men. If practicing outercourse, please keep in mind that STDs can still be transmitted through skin or body fluid contact e.g. herpes.


Withdrawal, or the “pull out method”, has been practiced for many centuries and is still used by many men as a method of birth control for men in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. While it might be the most convenient method of contraception (not having to take a pill or buy condoms, etc.), it is the least safest and one of the most unpredictable methods of contraception. Most men believe that they are in control of their ejaculation and can “pull out” on time. While it might be the truth, many of the same men do not know that the seminal fluid (pre-cum) may also contain certain numbers of sperm which potentially can induce a pregnancy.


Vasectomy Benefits and RisksVasectomy is one of the safest but almost irreversible methods of birth control for men. During a vasectomy the tubing that carry the sperm are separated and ligated so no sperm can be transferred with the ejaculate. When considering vasectomy, you should be fully aware of your status and desire for future pregnancies. While in certain patients a vasectomy reversal is indeed successful and results in pregnancy, many cases do fail to show positive results and the last option then remains biopsy and artificial insemination.

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