When Your Condom Itches… Condom Allergy

Condom Allergy
When Your Condom Itches… Condom Allergy

Condom Allergy, When Your Condom Itches…  

Condoms are one of the widely used and effective means of contraception and STD prevention. Condoms are made out of latex or plastic and usually covered with spermicides for a more effective contraceptive activity. While used by many million men, some may experience a more or less severe allergic reaction to condoms which is called condom allergy. In general, there are two main types of condom allergy:

Latex Condom Allergy

If you are allergic to latex, you are more than likely to experience an allergic reaction when wearing a condom. This allergic reaction is based on the body’s reaction to the particles contained in latex.  This type of allergy may show itself as an immediate (type I) allergic reaction that can range from severe skin rashes and hives to more severe and life threatening anaphylactic reactions. The other form of latex condom allergy is the delayed skin reaction (type IV) which is usually milder and expresses itself as skin redness, itching, and hives.

Spermicide Condom Allergy