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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Vasectomy Surgeon

June 21st, 2013

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Vasectomy Surgeon

Vasectomy Surgeon, Questions You Should Ask…

Once you decide you want to get the surgery done, it pays to take the time to choose the right surgeon. Here are some questions to ask before you choose.

Is The Vasectomy Surgeon Licensed?

If the vasectomy surgeon is licensed and has a great reputation, the rate of success is a lot higher. Make sure he is qualified to practice in your region.
Dr. Elist is a urologist and surgeon specializing in male sexual health and fertility. He has performed numerous vasectomies with a very high success and satisfaction rate; complications have been rarely reported.
As a vasectomy surgeon, Dr. Elist has furthermore performed many vasectomy reversals with a very high success rate. Please keep in mind that despite the high degree of expertise, a vasectomy reversal is not always promising and may not work in every case.

How Many Surgeries Has He Performed?

Ideally, you want to find a vasectomy surgeon who has performed plenty of surgeries. Dr. Elist is specializing in men fertility and infertility, including family planning via vasectomy. He has performed many successful vasectomies with excellent patient satisfaction and results.

Which Technique Does The Vasectomy Surgeon Use?

There are two basics – one without a scalpel and the conventional method with a ligation of the ducts using a sharp hemostat (a surgical instrument that crushes and seals the ducts).

Is The Vasectomy Surgery Performed “Open Ended” or “Closed Ended”?

This may make the difference between who you choose. The “close ended” technique seals the testicular end of the ducts, not allowing any semen to pass through. The “open ended” technique leaves the testicular end of the duct open allowing sperm to drain into the scrotum. The later technique done by the vasectomy surgeon has been described as decreasing testicular pain due to relieving back pressure building up in the epididymis and is in general considered being associated with less complication.

Does The Vasectomy Surgeon Have Stats on Their Success Rate?

Dr. Elist in SurgeryYou want to get a feel for their rate of success and the amount of complications their patients have experienced. Dr. Elist’s success rate speaks for itself; many happy and satisfied patients are the result.

What About The Failure Rate?

Ideally, this number should be very low. Dr. Elist has performed many successful vasectomies with only a few complications like prolonged swelling, pain, and infection. An accidental conception and pregnancy has never been reported by any patient.

How Long Will The Vasectomy Procedure Take?

You want to find someone who will spend enough time to do a good job and not rush. As an advocate and innovator, Dr. Elist’s vision is to provide the best state of the art treatment for his patients. “Well Treated and Happy Patients are the Highest Reward for A Doctor” (James Elist, MD, FACS).

If you are considering undergoing a vasectomy and looking for a skilled vasectomy surgeon, make sure to ask about Dr. Elist’s specials. Currently, patient undergoing a penile enhancement surgery with Dr. Elist’s unique, patented soft silicone implant (Himplant) or a testicular enhancement with Dr. Elist’s unique, patented testicular implants (ELIST testicular implants), the vasectomy will be provided as a special bonus and free of charge.

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