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Benefits of Sex, Discussed by Dr. Elist

June 26th, 2013

Benefits of Sex, Discussed by Dr. Elist

Benefits of Sex, Have You Ever Thought About That?!

Sex is an important part of human relationships and all of us pay more or less attention to fulfill the body’s need for intimacy, close contact, and pleasure. It is most likely that most of us do not even think about the act itself, but just enjoy sex as part of our daily living and use the benefits of sex in our favor. But have you ever thought about benefits of sex?
Do you know what the benefits of sex are for the body and soul?
It may not be clear at the first sight, but benefits of sex are considered as part of a healthy living and can nourish the body and mind with positive energy and a sense of satisfaction.

What Are Benefits of Sex?

Here are some examples of sex benefits to help better and healthier life:

Reliefs Stress And Lowers Blood Pressure

Clinical studies have shown that one important benefit of sex is stress relief and lower blood pressure in men and women. The studies have shown that participants who engaged in sexual intercourse responded better to stress situations and showed to have an overall lower blood pressure.

Can Boost Immunity

How immunity boosting could be one of the benefits of sex? Having sex just once or twice a week has been shown in clinical studies to be associated with stronger immune system and lower risk of getting infections like a cold.

Burns Calories!

Alright ladies, let’s engage and lose pounds while having lots of fun! One of the benefits of sex is burning calories. Just half an hour of sex burns 85 calories. You say:” That’s it?!”, well, it certainly adds up. 42 sessions of 1/2 hour of sex will burn over 3000 calories and that means 1 pound of weight loss. Now you do the math…


Improves Hearth Health

So you think that sex is dangerous if you are older in age? A British study which had followed participants over 20 years showed that having sex 2 or 3 times a week was associated with 50% less heart attacks in men, and no association between sex and stroke.

Better Self Esteem

Better self esteem as one of the benefits of sex? But how? Great sex begins with great self esteem and feeling good about yourself. Many experts say that great sex can improve self image and self esteem.

Benefits of Sex

Deeper Intimacy

Human relationships, especially in a partnership, do rely on trust and intimacy. Sex has been shown to deepen intimacy and improve generosity towards the partner.

Pain Reliever

Studies have shown that sex increases levels of oxytocin and endorphin may relieve pain. It may be helpful relieving headaches, arthritis pain, and pain associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). So ladies, if headaches prevent you from having sex (most commonly used “excuse”) remember that sex will improve the pain!

Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer

Some studies have shown that men with frequent ejaculations are likely to be at lower risk of prostate cancer.

Make the Pelvis Stronger

Engaging in sexual activity, just like performing Kegel exercises, may strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and prevent later incontinence in women. So let’s do some sexercise ladies.

Improves Sleep

Sex and orgasm increase the release of oxytocin which aids a better sleep. And a better a deeper sleep comes with multiple health benefits and is important for overall health and muscle growth. So let’s muscle up gents!
Sex in general is part of our social lives, and since all of us (more or less frequently) engage in sexual encounters why not be aware of benefits of sex?! Knowing about benefits of sex may even boost the desire of having more sex and enjoy more benefits of sex. Nevertheless, please be cautious about your sexual behavior and avoid exposing yourself with STDs and other health risks.

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