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STDs from Oral Sex [Part 1/2]

October 17th, 2013

STDs from Oral Sex [Part 1/2]

STDs from Oral Sex

It has been a common public belief that condoms are 100% safe in protecting you against STDs. While not so safe as thought, many believe that STDs are transmitted over vaginal and anal sex only. Fact is, STDs can also be transferred during oral sex. Yes! You can get STDs from oral sex!While condoms may protect against other forms of STD transmission, prevention against transmitted STDs from oral sex is a pure preventative measure. There are no condoms you can put in your mouth (except for mouth guards) or cover your tongue with; lets don’t lick that STD in the first place and help yourself not getting STDs from oral sex!
Sexual activity is an important part of a healthy relationship, be it hetero or homosexual in its nature. There are increasing numbers of newly diagnosed and more dangerous cases of STDs reported on daily basis, education about prevention of STD remains an important part of sexual life. While we posted many articles about STD in the past, we need to explain more about transmitted STDs from oral sex before you hit the weekend. Do you know which diseases can be transmitted through oral sex, and how to keep yourself safe?

Transmitted STDs from Oral Sex

Herpes Labialis (Oral Herpes)… from A Kiss to….

Genital Herpes, STDs from Oral Sex

What is Genital Herpes?

If you thought that labial herpes is transmitted during kissing only, here is a horrifying fact: labial herpes is one of the most commonly transmitted STDs from oral sex!
The herpes virus and it’s sub-types belong to the easily transmitted diseases. Herpes Simplex Virus type I, mainly causes the labial herpes, while HSV type II is mainly the causative virus in genital herpes. The same way that HSV I can be transmitted from the lips to the genital area, HSV II can be transmitted from the genital to the labial area, as well. Both can be transmitted when obvious blisters are present, or even when the blisters are not visible.
Best preventative measure is to abstain as there is a chance you get STDs from oral sex when an outbreak is present. Certain antiviral medications, such as Zovirax, and the use of condoms or dental dams can help to lessen the chance of transmission, but won’t eliminate it entirely.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) from Warts to Oral Cancer
Genital warts belong top the most prevalent STDs resulting in genital warts. While genital warts (HPV transmission) is usually transmitted during sexual relations, HPV is also one of transmitted STDs from oral sex. In fact, HPV acquired through oral sex is believed to be a main cause of throat cancer. Specifically and recently, a famous Hollywood star diagnosed with oral cancer has been relating the cancer to previous transmitted STDs from oral sex.
As with other STDs, the best protection of oral transmission is prevention. Condoms and dental dams are effective in reducing the transmission rate of STDs from oral sex, but they do not prevent it, entirely. The reason is that the disease is transmitted through skin contact and does not necessarily require a transmission of body fluids.
The majority of cases of HPV result in genital warts, which are generally removable, but not curable. Oral HPV exposure is one of the most important causative agents of oral cancer.

Gonorrhea or When “The Clap” Hits Your Mouth 
Gonorrhea belongs to the oldest well known STDs. It is one of the transmitted STDs from oral sex and if transmitted during oral sex, gonorrhea usually causes throat infections. Gonorrheal throat infections are difficult to treat and usually resolve in a matter of three to four months.

HPV Infection, STDs from Oral Sex

What is HPV?

Oral gonorrhea is mostly transmitted from the male to female (based on human anatomy). If transmitted, oral gonorrhea can produce symptoms of a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, red spots and white/yellow discharge.
Please keep in mind that just as the transmission to the mouth, a transmission in mouth to mouth and mouth to genital area is possible, as well. Known for many many years, the treatment of gonorrhea has been recently posing itself as difficult due to increasing numbers of treatment resistant bugs. If left untreated, gonorrhea will result in chronic conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and epididymitis in men; both of this conditions can not only be associated with chronic pain and discomfort, but may also lead into infertility. We will discuss other transmitted STD from oral sex in the next blog post(Read Part 2).
If you are your partner have the suspicion of suffering from a STD, please do not risk other’s health by taking it too easy and ignore the risks. Please visit your doctor for a work up and possible treatment, as it will prevent future and late complications for you and your partner and always keep in mind the notes we said about transmitted STDs from oral sex.

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