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Testosterone Levels and Body Weight

September 10th, 2013

Testosterone Levels and Body Weight

Testosterone Levels & Body Weight

Are you a male of over 50 years of age who is experiencing a decrease in energy and libido levels, as well as some erectile dysfunction? Have you possibly noticed recent weight gain as well? Age, testosterone levels, and body fat do kind of go hand in hand when affecting each other. Low testosterone causes low energy and libido, which will decrease physical activity possibly leading to increased weight. High body fat on the other hand will reduce testosterone levels by itself. By visiting your physician and having a simple blood sample drawn, your doctor will be able to determine your testosterone level and possibly opt for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Low Testosterone Levels Signs

Low energy, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and obesity are some instances of low testosterone levels in the body. A recent study involving 261 men with a mean age of 59.9 years who visited their urologist for erectile dysfunction found that testosterone will not only boost energy and libido levels, but also help to lose weight!
Testosterone Levels and Body WeightThe study suggests that men with low testosterone levels receiving TRT may experience significant and sustained weight loss. The data presented showed that after five years of treatment men lost an average of 10.5% of their baseline body weight, dropped their body mass index (BMI) from an average of 31.6 to 29.4, and reduced their waist circumference 9.4 cm in average.
If you are experiencing any of the above, you might want to have your testosterone levels checked out. TRT may not only help to get your energy and stamina back, but may also assist with losing unwanted weight.

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