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Female Sexual Dysfunction

June 18th, 2013

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction, What You Should Know

I’m not in the mood; I’ve got a headache!!! 
Female sexual dysfunction and female libido have become a hot subject of interest since a recent publication of an article about Female Libido Boosters. But what are Female Sexual Problems? female sexual dysfunction may affect any women at some point in their life and all ages might experience some difficulties every now and then. Most important about female sexuality is to understand what it is and how to deal with it.
Female sexual dysfunction or sexual problems are generally defined as any problem that occurs in the course of sexual activity and may range somewhere from not being in the mood, to trouble becoming aroused, which usually involves being too dry; to difficulty having orgasms, to pain during sex or pain related to sexual activity. While most women experience one or more of these symptoms from time to time, if the problems become more frequent and bothersome for the relationship, the female sexual dysfunction (Disorder) should be considered and a physician or therapies consulted.

Categories of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Low Sexual Desire 

Low sexual desire, low libido, or low sexual drive is one of the most common female sexual dysfunctions affecting over 85% of the general female e population. Different stages of life like unusual stress situation or  anew or complicated relationship might affect female sexual desire and lead to occasional female libido Loss(a key result of female sexual dysfunction). If the condition becomes stationary and causes distress with the partner and lowers the quality of life, female sexual disorder due to hormonal imbalance and endocrine system malfunction should be considered. An evaluation of the hormonal status will bring clarity, and hormonal substitution may be considered to improve the condition. One severe form of low female libido is caused by sexual aversion disorder which might be caused by a traumatic life event. If this should be the case, a psychological evaluation and therapeutic approach might be the right choice of treatment.

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Arousal Disorders

Like in men, women sexual arousal is necessary in order to engage is sexual relations. Female sexual arousal difficulties may result in loss of sexual excitement with loss of lubrication, decreased genital sensation , and poor vaginal muscle relaxation leading to penetration difficulties and disturbed sexual intercourse. With over 70%, female sexual arousal disorders may be caused by several medications, pelvic disorders, or peripheral vascular disease. An evaluation performed by your trusted physician will be able to determine the cause and target the problem with the proper treatment.

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Female Orgasmic Disorders

Female orgasmic disorder which is a kind of  female sexual dysfunction is a very common phenomenon experienced by women of all ages. Difficulty achieving an orgasm might be caused by pelvic injuries/surgeries or spinal cord injuries and may result in personal and partner frustration and trauma to the nerves. Speak to your therapist about this condition and let him/her help you with the right diagnosis and provide possible relief for your complaints.

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Female Sexual Pain Disorder

Regardless of intercourse frequency, many women may experience pain and discomfort when the genitals are touched or stimulated. Severe vaginal pain upon penetration is a very commonly observed symptom of this female sexual dysfunction which is accompanied by severe vaginal pain (dyspareunia) and spasm (vaginismus). The cause of female sexual pain disorder may be an injury or operation to the pelvis, or a physical or psychological trauma involving the pelvis. Furthermore, menopause and other hormonal disturbances may lead to vaginal dryness and dyspareunia.

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