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Female Sexuality Dysfunction, Myth or Truth?

September 20th, 2013

Female Sexuality Dysfunction, Myth or Truth?

Female Sexuality Dysfunction, Myth or Truth?

So many advertisements out there claim to help men with sexual dysfunction. Male sexual dysfunction, commonly known as ED (erectile dysfunction) has always been a great subject for people from all sectors of business to talk about and sell products related to ED. But if you believe that sexual dysfunction is just a problem concerning men, you are mistaken big time. Female sexuality dysfunction is an important matter to consider that also affects many of married men’s lives!

Female Sexuality Dysfunction, Reality and Commonness

Despite the common belief, female sexuality dysfunction is real and quite common. Female sexuality dysfunction, diagnosed as the medical condition hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), may affect women of all ages. Despite the fact that sexual desire diminishes with age, a recent study showed that nearly one-third of women aged 18 to 59 years surveyed suffered from a loss of interest in sex. Between 30 and 50 percent of women worldwide are said to report having experienced long periods of little or no sex drive, having no orgasm during sex or finding no pleasure in the act.
female sexuality dysfunctionWhile men are usually very concerned about sexual and erectile dysfunction, women deal with the issue in a different way. While some women have come to terms with their lack of desire for sex, others would do just about anything to get it back. But that is not as easy as taking a Viagra or other supplements; a women’s body does work in a different way.
A woman’s desire for sex is not only important to maintain a healthy relationship, but also for the women’s overall health: several studies show that women who have an orgasm – whether with a partner or via masturbation – up to three times a week enjoyed a more wholesome health.
And again, while so much research has been done to find and cure male sexual and erectile dysfunction, only so little is known about female sexuality dysfunction. Now, what are the reasons for female sexuality dysfunction?

Causes of Female Sexuality Dysfunction

Age and/or Hormonal Imbalance

Menopause, pregnancy, breast-feeding, birth control pills, and thyroid problems can cause hormonal imbalance, which can decrease sexual desire. Hormonal imbalance is the most common and naturally occurring reason for female sexuality dysfunction.
Relationships Problems

Issues in a relationship, partner having problems performing, birth of a child, problems at home, partner not sensitive to her sexual needs are daily problems which although are very common and underrated, have a huge impact on female sexuality dysfunction.
Medical Problems and Medication

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Female Sexuality DysfunctionAnxiety, depression or other serious medical conditions such as, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, fatigue due to lack of sleep, vaginismus (pain during sex), orgasmic disorder can be the causes for female sexuality dysfunction. Chronic diseases are in fact one of the major issues of our modern society affecting so many aspects of life negatively. Medications such as antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, oral contraceptives, chemotherapy, etc., can kill a woman’s sexual desires.
Furthermore, previous negative experiences, lack of knowledge, fear for sexual relations, and many other cultural aspects do affect female sexuality dysfunction even more negatively.
Female sexuality dysfunction is more prevalent than we would expect, but luckily there is also ways to treat and improve female sexuality dysfunction. The first and most important step is to determine the “bug” and get rid of it immediately. Speaking with a counselor or just with the partner often helps more than you would think. If the issue is overall health and nutrition, there are many products and supplements which can help you improve that. Exercise is another way to improve female sexuality dysfunction. Furthermore, hormonal replacement might just be the right choice for you or your partner to improve female sexuality dysfunction.
If you or your partner are suffering from female sexuality dysfunction, just take the opportunity to talk to your trusted physician; he might be able to help you more than you can imagine.

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