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Female Sexual Dysfunction and Acupuncture

November 5th, 2013

Female Sexual Dysfunction and Acupuncture

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Female Sexual Dysfunction and Acupuncture

In previous posts we discussed female sexual dysfunction in form of low female desire and low female libido. In general, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) summarizes a few symptoms that effect female sexuality and include hypoactive sexual desire, sexual arousal disorder, orgasm disorder and sexual pain disorder affecting women. While male sexual dysfunction seems rather too be easy to diagnose and treat, low female drive is a more complex ongoing process that sometimes proves itself as hard to diagnose or treat. While the internet is full of advertisements for products that have been endorsed by some doctors on TV, the actual solution for female sexual dysfunction can prove itself as very hard to come by.

Female Low Libido Treatment

One of the recently discussed and researched solutions for FSD is acupuncture treatment. A recently published study by Running et al. at the University of Nevada and Montana State University shows that a series of four acupuncture treatments  follow-up with an investigation completed three weeks after the last acupuncture treatment achieved documented significant improvements in symptoms related to female sexual dysfunction. Individuals participating in this study showed an increase in sexual desire and a Henry Ford Hospitaldecrease in sexual dysfunction, as well a significant improvement of urogenital disorder symptoms and a decrease in anxiety. Increased libido and vaginal lubrication resulted from the acupuncture treatments in women. Another study performed at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan furthermore showed that acupuncture eliminated hot flashes and was of benefit to patients suffering from mental depression. Additionally, the researchers concluded that acupuncture increases sex drive, mental clarity and overall energy levels in patients.

Acupunture and Male Sex Drive

Acupuncture has also been shown to provide enhanced relief from both anxiety and depression in a male group of individuals. Male individuals participating in the studies showed an overall improvement in sexual function across a broad spectrum of health concerns. The combined results of the above mentioned studies conclusively suggest a new spot for alternative medicine in the treatment of sexual disorders, and specifically that of female sexual dysfunction.

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