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Narcotics and Sexual Dysfunction (Narcotics Side Effects)

July 10th, 2013

Narcotics and Sexual Dysfunction (Narcotics Side Effects)

Narcotics Side Effects and Sexual Dysfunction

No Pain, No Gain; Is That Right?!
Acute and chronic diseases and surgeries, may require you to take pain medication, which may include strong pain killers and narcotics. You have to know more about narcotics side effects. Taking pain medication for acute pain usually provides relief for pain and alleviates ambulation. Chronic and prolonged use of pain medication on the other hand may bare a high risk of several narcotics side effects including dependency and sexual dysfunction.

Narcotics Side EffectsNarcotics Side Effects Facts

In fact, sexual dysfunction has been recently discussed as being strongly associated with sexual and erectile dysfunction. A recent study (published in Journal of Urology) conducted on back pain patients found that over 19% of patients who used pain medication for 4 months and more were given medication for erectile dysfunction, while only 7% of patients who did not use pain killers had asked for erectile dysfunction medications. The same study suggested that men taking pain killers for prolonged time were 50% more at risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

What does the Sexual Narcotics Side Effects mean for you?

If you are a man taking pain medication for chronic pain or other diseases, you may be at increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction.
Please ask your doctor for an evaluation of your risk factor and preventive measures like switching to lower risk medications, if possible.
As a Beverly Hills urologist, Dr. Elist is specialized in male sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction caused by various factors. If you have noticed problems with achieving or maintaining an erection, please feel free to visit our office for an evaluation and treatment.

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