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The Importance of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

July 29th, 2013

The Importance of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

How Do I Have a Healthy Sexual Relationship

Many women are too shy or embarrassed to discuss their sexual desires and needs frankly with their partner. Yet it is crucial to communicate openly in a healthy sexual relationship. Bottling up emotions, or failing to tell your partner what pleases you, may lead to sexual frustration and unhappiness, and could even bring your healthy sexual relationship or your life to a grinding halt.
Sure, men and women were physically different, obviously in terms of genital organs but also in height, weight and prowess (men tended to throw the javelin farther and jump higher than women did), the study found. In terms of psychology, the thinking of men and women tended to overlap. In other words, men can be from Venus or Mars, and so can women, although it might be more accurate to say both genders are from Earth.*
Healthy Sexual RelationshipRemember, a few men have an innate knowledge of what pleases a woman. But in a healthy sexual relationship, most are willing and eager to learn how to please their partners. Many men may need to be taught where to touch and how to stimulate their partner to the point of arousal.

*Source: WebMD

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