Female Sexual Stimulants

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Female Sexual Stimulants

Female Sexual Stimulants

Female sexual stimulants are needed for the optimal management of sexual dysfunction in females (Female Sexual Dysfunction Page). The classic presentation varies in different women based on physiological, pathological or hormonal factors. Most common symptoms that may warrant management protocols for sexual stimulation are.

  • Alteration in normal incentives or interest for engaging in sexual contact
  • Experiencing difficulty in getting physically or genitally stimulated
  • According to data reported in the peer reviewed Journal of American Association JAMA (2), author suggested that the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in females (aged 18 to 59 years) is 43%.


Risk Factors That May Lead to Sexual Dysfunction?

It has been observed that female libido a.k.a obtaining the appropriate female sexual stimulants (or ability to get sexually stimulated) varies from person to person and even in the same person at different points of life (or even in one month due to changes in the secretion rate and serum levels of different hormones).
However, some risk factors that may lead to significant alterations in the normal rhythm of female sexual stimulants include

  • Advancing Age
  • Menopause
  • Certain health issues like Multiple Sclerosis


Possible Options For Female Sexual Stimulants