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Oral Sex STDs [Part 2/2]

October 22nd, 2013

Oral Sex STDs [Part 2/2]

Oral Sex STDs [Part 2/2]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STDs from Oral Sex, Oral Sex STDs

What are STDs?

It has been a common public belief that condoms are 100% safe in protecting you against STDs. While not so safe as thought, many believe that STDs are transmitted over vaginal and anal sex only. Fact is, oral sex STDs are also present. Yes! Oral sex STDs are exist!
While condoms may protect against other forms of STD transmission, prevention against oral sex STDs is a pure preventative measure. There are no condoms you can put in your mouth (except for mouth guards) or cover your tongue with; lets don’t lick that STD in the first place and help yourself not getting oral sex STDs!
Sexual activity is an important part of a healthy relationship, be it hetero or homosexual in its nature. There are increasing numbers of newly diagnosed and more dangerous cases of STDs reported on daily basis, education about prevention of STDs or oral sex STDs remains an important part of sexual life.
While we posted many articles about STD in the past, we need to explain more about oral sex STDs. Do you know which diseases can be transmitted through oral sex, and how to keep yourself safe?

List of Oral Sex STDs

Facts about Chlamydia, Oral Sex STDsChlamydia
Chlamydia infections have some common characteristics with gonorrhea infections. Oral chlamydia infection is transmitted during fellatio, and with low female to partner transmission rates.
Oral chlamydia infection can mimic the common cold or have flu like symptoms with a sore throat and painful swallowing. If transmitted to the genital area, chlamydia infections may be associated with burning during urination (dysuria), pain during sex (dyspareunia for women), testicular pain, rectal pain and discharge, discharge from the penis or vagina.
Chlamydia infections require a treatment with antibiotics and usually resolve there after.

syphilis, Oral Sex STDs

Reddish papules and nodules over much of the body due to secondary syphilis

While many STDs are also transmitted during the dormant (non visible) periods of infection, syphilis is only contagious during symptomatic phases. This being said, you need to be watchful, as in some disease stages the obvious sores are difficult to detect.
If you or your partner should ever feel symptoms like sores, skin rash and lesions on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, fever, swollen lymph nodes, hair loss, headaches, weight loss and exhaustion, please make sure to see a doctor for further work up as syphilis is a highly contagious disease with severe late stage damages to the whole body system.
While treatment of syphilis can easily be achieved by administration of antibiotics, the disease, if left untreated, can result is severe late stage damages. Untreated syphilis can damage internal organs, including the brain. Further later stages of syphilis causes blindness, paralysis, trouble coordinating muscle movements and even death.

Hepatitis B, Could It be One of Oral Sex STDs?

With the advancement of vaccination and more stricter control of fluid and blood products, hepatitis B has become a preventable disease, but still remaining dangerous and highly transmittable. The rate of vaccination has been able to decrease the prevalence of active disease a lot. While hepatitis B may not be transmittable through traditional oral sex, but oral to anal contact is a risk factor and qualifies Hepatitis B to be on the oral sex STDs listing.

HIV…The Deadliest of Oral Sex STDs 

The rate of HIV infections has been raising despite all efforts for education, prevention, and health education. While HIV infections are mostly transmitted through vaginal or anal sex, oral HIV infection transmission is possible, as well and is considered one of oral sex STDs.
The risk of oral HIV transmission is higher if active bleeding through skin lesions and cuts are present.  When cuts are present in the mouth, the contact with ejaculate or bleeding increase the risk of oral HIV infections many folds. While oral exposure with blood or ejaculate is a high risk of HIV transmission, kissing posts a lesser possibility of HIV transmission, as the virus is usually not transmitted through saliva.
As with many STD infections or oral sex STDs, protective measures such as condoms are the first and best methods of protection.

We have discussed other transmitted STD from oral sex in the previous blog post.
If you are your partner have the suspicion of suffering from a STD, please do not risk other’s health by taking it too easy and ignore the risks. Please visit your doctor for a work up and possible treatment, as it will prevent future and late complications for you and your partner and always keep in mind the notes we said about transmitted oral sex STDs.

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