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Erect Penis Size | Average Size Revealed

February 14th, 2014

Erect Penis Size | Average Size Revealed

Erect Penis Size | Average Size Revealed

Two Penis Guy PhotoFor many men, the number of inches they attribute to their erect penis size is the most important measurement they’ll ever have to make. It’s often a source for anxiety, discomfort or uncertainty. It’s also often a source of pride, achievement and bragging rights. Either way, it is a number that is in the forefront of most men’s minds.
According to recent research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, there is a new number when it comes to the mean length of an erect penis size. That number is…
Drum roll please…
5.57 inches.

How is Average Erect Penis Size Calculated?

Here’s how they landed on that number for average erect penis size: a team of researchers led by Debby Herbenick, Ph.D. asked 1,661 American men to measure their penis length (from the underside base to the tip) and girth. The participants were asked to measure themselves at full erection and were also asked to explain how they attained their erections.
While allowing the men to take their own measurements may have left room for error (since men have a tendency of lying when it comes to this particular number), it may have actually improved accuracy since it is difficult for men to become fully aroused in front of strangers.
Furthermore, according to a 2007 review published in the British Journal of Urology International, researchers found that the average length of a penis is roughly 5.5 to 6.2 inches long. So since the dimensions in the current study are consistent with the ranges presented in previous research, it suggests “that men likely self-report data accurately—or at least reliably—to research teams,” says the study.
Knowing that roughly 56% of men have an erect penis length of 5.5 inches or less may provide reassurance to those who worry that they are not packing enough power.
In fact, the current study revealed that men reported erect penis lengths of 1.57 to 10.23 inches long as well as erect penis circumferences of 1.18 to 7.48 inches.
This wide range of penis length and girth(Learn more about Penile Lengthening) should provide reassurance that diversity is common! Men, take a deep sigh of relief!

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