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Eat Your Way to Bigger Orgasms

November 15th, 2013

Eat Your Way to Bigger Orgasms

Eat Your Way to Bigger Orgasms

Food and nutrition are major contributors to a healthy body and mind. By nourishing the mind and the physics, food and its ingredients play an important role in improving the over all well being. But did you know that you can eat your way to better climax, as well?
Certain food, if consumed regularly, can help to improve your orgasm and make you achieve better climax. Previously we reported about foods that can help to improve your libido and sexual desire(Click to see), as well as help men to improve their erection quality(Click to see). Now we would like to briefly speak about foods the may help to achieve better orgasm and better climax.
Foods that will help to have better orgasms:


Cranberries are known to be used for prevention and sometimes treatment of urinary tract infections. The fruit does not only improve urination, but it is also rich of vitamin B and vitamin C. These vitamins are necessary for the regulation of a healthy hormonal balance which will improve libido and climax, as well as a healthy sperm function which will improve fertility.

Coffee with Nutmeg

libido boosters - food, bigger orgasmsAdding a pinch of nutmeg to your morning coffee may improve your orgasm more than you can imagine. As previously reported, nutmeg is believed to improve libido. Nutmeg improves sexual desire and sensation leading to better orgasm by stimulating nerve cells and blood circulation.

Oatmeal with Flax Seed and Nuts 

Oatmeal and flax seed when eaten with breakfast can help with a healthy testosterone supply which is the natural sexual hormone responsible for sexual desire and good orgasm. Another interesting ingredient found in these foods are ligans, which help to maintain vaginal lubrication.
Also consider adding walnuts, pine nuts and almonds in the breakfast bowl for an extra boost of nutrition. Nuts contain important amino-acids such as L-Arginine which increases blood flow to the genitals. L- Arginine has been successfully used to improve erectile function and genital arousal, which on the other hand leads to exceptional orgasms.
Other foods to be added to our list include Brussel sprouts, Pumpkin seeds, Oysters, Salmon, Asparagus, Pomegranate juice, Watermelon, Sweet potatoes, and Chocolate-dipped bananas. 
The above list may or may not include some of your favorite climax boosters, but is in general an idea what to begin with in order to achieve better orgasms. A well balanced and nutrition rich diet should be a useful tool to achieve physical and mental well being.

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