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Overactive Bladder Causes and Treatment

October 23rd, 2013

Overactive Bladder Causes and Treatment

Overactive Bladder

Do you have that “gotta go” feeling often? Feeling panicked that you might not find a bathroom in time? If so, it might be time to check in with your physician to discuss Overactive Bladder.  Urinating four to eight times during a 24 hour period is normal.  Further need to urinate, or waking up at night to urinate several times is one signal that you may have an overactive bladder.

What Is Overactive Bladder?

Overactive bladder is a bladder-storage problem that leaves you with that “gotta go” feeling.  You will feel an urgent need to suddenly and frequently urinate that sends you racing for a bathroom. This often leaves you worried about what could happen if you don’t make it in time. Sometimes, you will make it to the bathroom in time without leaking or incontinence, but other times you might not be as lucky. Overactive bladder can impact your social and work life if not addressed.

Embarrassing by an Overactive Bladder?

No! Around 33 million Americans suffer from Overactive Bladder and it effects both men and women – you are not alone.  Overactive Bladder can disrupt your quality of life and cause new found stress as you plan your activities around access to bathrooms. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you will be able to resume a normal lifestyle.

What Causes Overactive Bladder? Is It A Disease?

Prostate Surgeries, overactive bladderThere are several reasons you may be experiencing the symptoms of overactive bladder, which is not a disease, but a grouping of specific symptoms. A few reasons could be; recent pregnancy or delivery, side effects of medications, urinary tract infections, prostate issues (for men), nerve damage caused by disease, such as diabetes, injury, surgery or tumors in the bladder.

How Do I Know If I Have Overactive Bladder?

Only a visit to your physician will determine your diagnosis. Be prepared for your visit and keep a “bladder” journal of your symptoms, how often you urinate and how much liquid you are drinking daily. Bring your journal with you to your visit. Your physician will review your symptoms and possibly do a physical exam in addition, to collecting a urine specimen.

Can Overactive Bladder Be Treated?

Your physician will create a unique treatment plan according to your symptoms which may include medications, behavioral therapy – which is lifestyle changes, such as diet or Kegels for women–or Botox injections.

Will Overactive Bladder Symptoms Limit My Life?

We hear from patients that they are afraid of airline travel and they will restrict their activities. Ask your physician about life style and how to combat any concerns or fear you might have about Overactive Bladder. Don’t worry, Solutions are available!

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