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Andropause Symptoms & Causes

May 22nd, 2018

Andropause Symptoms & Causes

Andropause Symptoms

Everyone knows about menopause (Menopause Causes | Symptoms | Remedies), but few know about andropause, the male equivalent of it. Found mostly in aging men (Hormonal Imbalances In Men), it is much more mild than that of menopause, which impacts women. The condition, as a result, is not recognized by the World Health Organization.
Andropause is generally related to the decrease in testosterone (Testosterone Effects in Your Body) in middle-aged men. It can also be associated with an overall decrease in Leydig cells (Leydig Cells Wiki Page). Lower testosterone levels in men, as well as women who are aging, is very common and has been well-documented.

Symptoms of Andropause

There are many symptoms found with andropause due to the decrease in testosterone in the male body. These symptoms include irritability, anxiety (Performance Anxiety), hot flashes (HOT FLASHES | Causes | Remedies), mood swings, insomnia (Getting Back to Sleep), back pain and anger.

Causes of Andropause

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External factors that can cause testosterone levels (Testosterone Levels & Body Weight) to decrease, and cause andropause, includes taking certain medications, drinking too much (Alcohol Binge Drinking), sleeping too little, having too little sex (The Usual Suspect Kill Your Sex Life), or going through stress (Jobs & Sexual Life, Stress is a Killer). Andropause can also itself be a symptom of a dysfunction in the brain after a minor brain injury, according to the Defense Centers of Excellence.
In terms of causes within the body, andropause is preceded by Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism. These cause a decrease in testosterone that in turn cause the pituitary gland to trigger a release of brain hormones, which cause the testicles to produce more testosterone (Testosterone Replacement Options).

Andropause | Supporters and Detractors

There are many who believe that andropause is a real condition, and many who do not. Those who believe it is a condition, state that roughly five million Americans do not have adequate testosterone which causes andropause. In Australia, they estimate that one in every 200 men under the age of 60, and 10 per cent of all men over the age of 60, have low testosterone. In Europe and Australia, Andropause is widely accepted, while it is not so much accepted in the United States.
In terms of those who believe that it is not a condition, they state that it is not a valid concept because men can reproduce well into old age, and their reproductive systems don’t stop working in mid-life. Lastly, they claim they do not have sudden drops in their hormone levels.
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