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Hormonal Imbalances In Men

March 28th, 2014

Hormonal Imbalances In Men

Hormonal Imbalances In Men

Have you ever heard a man complaining about how his hormones drive him mad? Probably not so often as a woman who says such a thing. Men visualize themselves as having great control over their emotions and do not like to feel at the mercy of their hormones. Although different from the hormonal roller coaster of their wives, sisters, and mothers, men too can suffer. However, unlike in women, male symptoms are more gradual. Men are in no way exempted from the dropping off of hormone levels with age. Hormone imbalance is not just a female issue, as the most potent force underlying mental and physical energy in men, is their testosterone level. Men and hormonal imbalances can be of great concern, especially as men age.

hormonal-imbalances-Testosterone EffectsHormonal Imbalances Symptoms

Men whose hormones are out of balance, are prone to bone loss, attention deficit disorder, hair loss, poor memory, irritability, headaches, depression, stubborn weight gain, fatigue, sleep problems and premature aging. They may be troubled with issues of urinary problems, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, or prostate problems. In fact, one of the major causes of prostate cancer is a hormonal imbalance.
Hormone balancing, for men, can be achieved by improving the diet. Just like any other diseases, poor nutrition is at the root of creating an imbalance of male hormones. Shifting the diet to fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish, lean protein, yogurt, green tea and soy products is very beneficial when coming from unhealthy processed foods, excessive sugar and caffeine consumption. This shift will make the glands that play a major role in hormone balancing, healthier and better able to operate.

How To Avoid Hormonal Imbalances In Men?

To keep the hormones healthy, men should maintain their ideal body weight through regular exercise. Aerobic and resistance exercises were found to stimulate the production of testosterone, aside from preventing heart diseases. Stress reduction, rest and relaxation is very important because most of the male hormones are generated during deep sleep. Drinking lots of water, avoiding tobacco and refraining from alcohol consumption will also improve hormone balancing.

Testosterone Hormonal Therapy and It’s Effect On Hormonal Imbalances In Men

Adding testosterone too quickly through medication therapy is not recommended without considering the above mentioned therapies first. Once external testosterone is introduced to the body, it inhibits the body’s ability to produce its own. Also, testosterone hormonal therapy has unknown risks. If the hormones are really out of harmony, despite the diet and exercise, it is important to seek help from medical professionals who specialize with men and hormonal imbalances in men.

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