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Dehydration and Sex Drive

May 9th, 2018

Dehydration and Sex Drive

Dehydration and Sex Drive

A lack of water in our systems can compromise all functions of our body. Dehydrated body tissues can negatively affect our energy and toxin levels, our muscle function, and mental stamina. In addition, it can severely impact our libido. In fact, one of the safest ways to increase your libido naturally is to keep the water flowing. Many people don’t think to drink water and maintain hydration before sexual intercourse, but partaking in 30 minutes of intercourse can be just as calorie burning as taking a 3 mile run. In that case, why would you always carry a water bottle to the gym and not to the bedroom? Drinking adequate amounts of water before any physical activity can help boost performance.

Accumulating Toxins

Without water there is no way to flush the toxins out of your body. Toxins can accumulate and build up, which negatively affect your biochemical harmony. Consequently, this alters your libido.

Lack of Energy/Weakness

Tissue dehydration thwarts generation of energy. This leaves the body feeling weak and dull. When you are tired, weak, and lack energy little motivation is left for sexual intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction

In order for a man to attain an erection that can function appropriately and maintain firmness throughout sex, many functions of the body have to work together. If one function is impaired by low fluid levels- an erection can be compromised. One of the side effects of improper dehydration is erectile dysfunction.
Proper hydration allows for more efficient blood flow. Without nutrient blood arriving to the penis, there is little ability to maintain an erection. Poor hydration levels can increase blood pressure, damage blood vessels, and reduce sensation. Without healthy blood flow and proper sensation, erections become ineffective. Overall, this leads to negative sexual satisfaction.

If 8 Cups of Water Aren’t Helping…

If consuming at least 8 cups of water is not helping your libido or erection problems it is recommended to consult medical help. If your sex drive has been suffering and you want to put desire and positive sexual function back in your life, Dr. Elist has the tools and resources to help you take action. Patients from all over the world have consulted Dr. Elist to help them with their sexual health.

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