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Safe Sex With Erectile Dysfunction

April 20th, 2018

Safe Sex With Erectile Dysfunction

Safe Sex with Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing with safe sex with erectile dysfunction puts major anxiety on your sex life. When men have to face the difficulties sustaining and maintaining an erection, safe sex can take the backburner. Even partaking in safe sex tasks (such as putting on a condom) can trigger performance anxiety. And cause futile erections. However, regards to erectile dysfunction symptoms, it is important to always partake in safe sex for your overall health.

Any age, Any Time

Regardless of age, you can contract sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs, STIs). Whether your 20 or 60, men and women can be infected with STDs such as gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, genital warts or herpes, and HIV/AIDS. We often associate STDs with young, careless behavior, however, older men who take medication for erectile function are likely to participate in sexually risky behavior. Thus, regardless of age, it is paramount to practice safe sex.


Condoms are a guaranteed way of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. Because you need a full erection to put on a condom, men who have erectile dysfunction must be prepared in order to not lose their erection in order to use condoms. No one wants to spoil the mood by scrambling to put on a condom.

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure you don’t have to search for a condom. Keeping condoms handy and close by can curtail any searching and fumbling which might curtail intimacy. Keeping condoms in convenient places can decrease any awkward interludes.
  • Get yourself familiar with how to put on a condom. Educating yourself on how condoms work can smooth the process.
  • When putting on a condom, you can maintain your stimulation by focusing on your penis and fueling your sexual desire. This will help you maintain your erection whilst protecting yourself.
  • Have fun with condoms. You can always encourage your partner to help you and make it a fun and erotic part of sex.
  • Variety is the spice of life! There are numerous condom options sold providing a variety of sensations. Between ribbed, flavored, or extra sensitive have fun and experiment with the extensive condom options offered.

When it’s not enough…

Having safe sex equates to respecting your overall health and well-being. Condoms are paramount to preventing STDs, so if condom use and anxiety are preventing you from sexual satisfaction, it is important to talk to a medical professional. Dr. Elist and his team have over 40 years of experience helping men achieve sexual satisfaction. An expert on erectile dysfunction, Dr. Elist can provide the help you need to keep you happy and stimulated.

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