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Emotional Stress Can kill Libido

April 3rd, 2015

Emotional Stress Can kill Libido

Emotional Stress Can kill Libido

Stress can be defined as the response mechanism adopted by our body to any kind of change. Whenever our body is subjected to a change that disrupts our normal day-to-day routine, a coping mechanism comes into play wherein adrenaline and numerous other hormones tend to speed up the heart so that a burst of energy is released for responding to the danger. Emotional stress can be defined as a feeling of vulnerability that people go through due to various traumatic experiences in their lives. Life-threatening events, frightening memories, and constant threat situations can often lead to emotional stress.

Natural Libido BoostersCertain Ways in Which Emotional Stress Can Kill Libido

Emotional stress takes a toll on almost all systems of our body. It can affect our sex life too. Certain ways in which emotional stress can kill libido are listed below:

Suppression of Sex Hormones

When we are under stress, our bodies produce the hormone Cortisol. This hormone Cortisol is needed by our body in small amounts for short durations of time to combat the stress. However, a prolonged secretion of this hormone can suppress the sex hormones, thereby lowering the libido.

Low Self-Image

People suffering from emotional stress tend to put on weight as stress can interfere with their metabolism. Weight gain often causes a low self-esteem that can lead to relationship problems and low sex drive.

Excessive Drinking Can Interfere With Sex Drive

A number of people take to drinking for coping up with their emotional stress. People, who indulge in excessive drinking over a longer period of time, experience a lower libido. Alcohol has been known to interfere with a person’s sexual arousal and the control of arousal. People who are addicted to alcohol can face problems while focusing and this can anger the partner during a sexual intercourse. Men who drink also experience difficulty in getting an erection. In women, consuming too much of alcohol can take the pleasure out of the experience. Alcohol also has the tendency of causing dehydration. This can make lubrication a challenge, thereby leading to a painful sexual experience. Over a period of time, when sex starts to become a painful and a less pleasurable experience, people tend to avoid it. Thus, emotional stress associated with alcoholism, can virtually kill libido.

Anti-Depressants Interfere With Libido

People who are emotionally stressed and have been prescribed anti-depressants, experience a lower sex drive. This can be attributed to side-effects of antidepressants. Therefore, if you are on anti-depressants, it is advisable that you speak to your doctor about the impact of these medications on your libido.

libido boosters - foodStress Can Have an Impact on Fertility

When we are emotionally stressed, our pituitary gland also gets affected. The pituitary gland controls the proper functioning of the thyroid and adrenal glands and the ovaries. Adverse effect on the pituitary gland may affect the menstrual cycle, and therefore, females may find it difficult to conceive. It is important that women who want to get pregnant should not be under any kind of emotional stress.
To enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner, you can adopt the following life style changes:

  • Make Changes to Your Daily Schedule: Carefully observe your daily schedule, and if you feel that you get stressed out by the end of the day, then try to change your schedule so that you are in a positive mood towards the end of the day. You can take on challenging tasks in the morning when you are high on energy. Do remember to take small breaks between different tasks so that you stay refreshed throughout the day.
  • Exercise Regularly: Working out daily is the best way to keep stress under control. Exercising for just about 20-30 minutes on a daily basis can help reduce stress.


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