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Foreplay and Stronger Orgasms

April 23rd, 2018

Foreplay and Stronger Orgasms

Foreplay and Stronger Orgasms

Foreplay can be overlooked when it comes to the many stages of sexual intercourse. Foreplay and Stronger Orgasms, in the heat of the moment sometimes foreplay is ignored completely. However, the power of touch should not be ignored. Slowing down the process and paying attention to foreplay increases pleasure and heightens orgasms.

Slowing it Down

Giving ourselves and our partners more time to be curious and explore one another’s bodies helps both men and women. Delaying penetration by engaging in meaningful foreplay, eases anxiety and we are left in a more comfortable place. When one is a relaxed and in a comfortable place, orgasms can be more intense.

Scientifically Proven

 The Journal of Sex Research conducted a study that proved that the more build up through foreplay, the more intense an orgasm. Temperatures were taken in both men and women and arousability increased and orgasms were delayed, the stronger the climax (higher the temperature).

Meaningful Gestures

 Building anticipation in the mind and body boosts libido. Sensation play through physical connection can tease nerve endings and leave your body begging for more. Building physical connection and arousal levels through foreplay make you feel more physically attractive while also making your sexual encounters more erotic.

If You’re Not in Touch

 If you’re not in touch with your sexual energy and believe your arousal levels are low, there are resources to help you. Dr. Elist is a renowned doctor who specializes in Urology & male enhancement including Penile Enlargement Surgery, Testicle Enlargement Surgery, and impotence. Dr. Elist and his team have decades of experience of helping men expand their pleasure and improve their sexual performance.

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