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Does Endurance Exercise Raise Or Lower Your Libido?

September 12th, 2017

Does Endurance Exercise Raise Or Lower Your Libido?

Does Endurance Exercise Raise Or Lower Your Libido?

Sexual intercourse is not just a biological need, but also has a number of health benefits. Exercise and physical activity is known to improve physical as well as sexual health. There has been numerous studies and clinical trials that explain how exercise builds stamina, restore natural hormonal balance and improves the circulation of blood to the pelvic organs; all of which helps in improving sexual performance.

According to a new study, females are most sexually stimulated after 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity. Part of this heightened stimulation is attributed to the increased flow of blood to the pelvic organs. Another study suggested that testosterone levels spikes with moderate physical activity almost instantaneously after the workout session. Needless to say, that testosterone spike helps in increasing sexual interest and libido that translates into better and more sensual sexual encounter.

Can Exercise Have A Negative Impact On Your Sexual Health?

Very intense or strenuous exercise can negatively impact your sexual health by directly decreasing your testosterone secretion as well as other primary male hormones. Likewise, too much exertion or physical activity in females can lead to depletion of key female hormones such as progesterone and estrogen that primarily controls the female libido.

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Research and clinical data indicates that exercises such as speed sports, power training or strength training releasesanabolic hormones like testosterone, insulin, estrogen, and growth hormone in the blood stream and are therefore helpful in improving libido and sexual stamina. Endurance training of core muscles such as hip, pelvis and pectoral region. Besides improving sexual libido, anabolic hormones also improve muscle mass, facilitate tissue remodeling, improves cardiovascular health and increase deposition of proteins. On the contrary, endurance training or exercises leads to increased secretion of catabolic hormones like glucagon, cortisol, adrenalin, and progesterone.

Other Helpful Strategies

Try Supplements: If you are experiencing low libido, try healthy supplements in recommended doses to promote hormone synthesis. For example, men should consider supplemental formulations of d-aspartic acid, nettles, tribulis and magnesium. Likewise, females should try ginseng, arginine and yohimbe.

Avoid Stressors: As per various research studies, caffeine increases cortisol levels and high cortisol is linked with suppression of testosterone. When body produces excess cortisol, it automatically commands the cholesterol to synthesize more cortisol rather than testosterone.

Avoid Drugs: Although drugs and medications shouldn’t affect your physical and sexual health; yet there are several drugs that may cause some degree of sexual impairment; such as some antihypertensive drugs and antipsychotics.

Besides maintaining moderate physical activity, it is highly recommended to address this issue of low libido by just engaging in periodic sexual encounters.


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