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Sexual Performance Anxiety

April 16th, 2018

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Reaching true sexual intimacy and maintaining a fulfilling sex life is not solely based on your physical response to sex. Sexual Performance Anxiety, Mental engagement plays an important role in how we function in bed. Mental stressors, such as anxiety, can create feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy, and unworthiness. For many men, this performance anxiety can manifest in physical symptoms such as erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Causes

 Almost every man at one point in their lives deals with performance anxiety. Negative thoughts can occur if one is not confident in their ability to perform sexually. Much anxiety stems from one’s inability to please a partner, negative body image, and penile size dissatisfaction. Of course, anxiety can originate from other life factors such as money, career, and home. All these factors can contribute to major physical limitations that can negatively affect your sex life.


When you are focused on your anxiety (i.e. whether you will perform well in bed) you lack concentration, which can prevent arousal or limit your ability to orgasm. Anxiety and stress create cortisol and adrenaline, which makes our bodies on high alert. High levels of cortisol leave little room to feel relaxed. How can one maintain an erection under high levels of stress and anxiety? It is nearly impossible.
High levels of stress and anxiety impede blood flow throughout the body, increase muscle tension, and desensitize the penis. These physical symptoms present themselves in sexual concerns such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delay of orgasm.

How to Overcome

 There are many tips to help ease your mind when it comes to dealing with performance anxiety. When involved in a sexual interaction, it is important to rid of the generalizations we have about sex. We have to let go of perfection, rid of bedroom stereotypes, and try to let go of any notion that sex has to be a certain way. In addition, maintaining healthy communication with your partner and expressing your concerns can help establish a trustworthy rapport.

If you are seriously concerned

Performance anxiety not only affects our own sexual health but can influence your partner’s as well. If you want what is best for yourself (and your partner) The Male Enhancement Center has 40+ years of experience helping men and couples create deeply fulfilling sex lives. If you are legitimately concerned about your sexual stamina, your erectile vigor, or premature ejucation, The Male Enhancement Center can help improve the quality of your sexual life.

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