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Ways to Enhance Sexual Experience

April 6th, 2018

Ways to Enhance Sexual Experience

Ways to Enhance Sexual Experience

A sexual experience is a combination of psychological (Psychological Stress & Adrenaline) and physical responses to tactile, visual and olfactory stimuli. In simpler words, the combined effect of what you see, smell and feel can directly influence your sexual experience (Sexophobia Learn More)If you’re searching for ways to boost your enhance sexual experience, feel free to attempt the lifestyle changes below.

Enhance Sexual Experience | Lifestyle Changes

  • Turning Off The Tube:  Spark your evenings by totally eliminating multimedia devices as excessive exposure or dependence on technology can directly affect your sex life, and can completely alter a sexual experience. According to the research, a behavioral modification can help a great deal in managing erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction Cause) in males.
  • Cutting The Candlelight & Music: If all you want is a bit of romance then go out with your partner to fun spots like comedy clubs and laugh your guts off, join a yoga (Yoga Sexual Benefits For Your Life) club for aerobic exercise, or simply watch an action flick that’s heart-pumping. According to research anything that is capable of arousing your nervous system (or capable of releasing endorphins) can improve your sexual experience.
  • 18721605_mlThe Perfect Time: Finding time to have sex isn’t just enough. Pick the right time. One study suggests some women get more frequent and better orgasm between days 6-10 of their menstrual cycle (8 Menstrual Cycle Facts and Myths) (2). Looking for an exact time isn’t such a deal because the sex hormones (Female & Male Hormones Effects) are consistent throughout the day. But sometimes it’s all about being spontaneous and unexpected that can arouse your partner and lead to an enhanced sexual experience. Such as rubbing against him and pushing him to the wall, kissing him just when he’s getting ready for the workday. You may also indulge yourself in quickies, such as during lunch hour. Women might have trouble reaching orgasm during a quickie but the closeness during the sex is still worth a shot.
  • Amorous Olfactory: How to relax? Use lavender scented lotions, sachets (Sachet Wiki Page) and oils to assist your partner and you to get aroused. According to latest research lavender scent enhances relaxation and minimizes the state of mental stress (Jobs & Sexual Life, Stress is a Killer) that can directly improve sex drive and urge to have intercourse. However reaction to scents is highly variable in different individuals, so pick the one that works best for you to enhance your sexual experience.
  • Opening Up: Communication! That’s the essential part. By simply sharing the ideas and thoughts, your partner and you can achieve a good understanding of each other’s desires, moods, likes, and dislikes.  It will also help resolve any problems.

Enhance Sexual Experience | Tips

  • More Foreplay:  Foreplay makes you excited and you begin to anticipate the main event. Foreplay can start with day through sexy messages, emails, pictures etc. Which can lead to a more exciting sexual experience?
  • Better Oral Sex: Foreplay ends with oral sex performance on each other by both the partners. Oral sex actually arouses the women. Jabbing movements should be avoided by men while performing cunnilingus on women. Softer, slower movements are usually preferred. When doing fellatio on men, women must only use lips and tongue. Hands must also be used during oral sex to have an enhanced sexual experience.
  • Trying New Positions: Try new positions like doggy style, reverse cowboy, or something else (so keep your eyes open and look for helpful resources to learn more about it). Doing so can change an average sexual experience into an unforgettable one.
  • Dressing sexy: Wearing silk boxers or sexy lingerie or nothing underneath you clothes can keep you aroused and anticipated for the moment you’ll have sex. Boring white panties however can be a total party pooper.
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    Ways to Enhance Sexual Experience

  • Using Lubricants and Toys: After discussing what stimulates (Aphrodisiac Foods List) the two of you, it gets much easier to browse sex shops to find elements that could spice up your sex life.
  • Returning to Basics when Dubious: There’s no shame in returning to the foreplay and basics you have been doing all the time for your spouse when your sex life becomes difficult.

If your sexual dysfunction is due to an organic ailment, seek appropriate help in order to get early treatment. We hope that by taking in these tips and guides, your sexual experience will be far more enjoyable and exciting! Feel free to contact Dr. Elist to learn about his renowned Penis Enlargement Procedures. Elist has years of experience working with individuals with a small penis, or with average penises wanting an extra boost.

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