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The Average Penile Size

January 6th, 2017

The Average Penile Size

The Average Penile Size

There is no doubt in this notion that men are very anxious about their penis size! In fact, this obsession can lead to serious anxiety disorders in some men. The “average size” has always been a hot and debatable topic and people came up with different assumptions based on race, age, penile position (erect or saggy) and who measured it, whether someone professional or was it a self-measurement?

A recently published study in the British Journal of Urology made some valuable claims about the average penis size. This study was conducted in UK on a sample size of 15,000 men from different ethnicity and age groups. The collective measurements yielded following results;

  • The average length of human penis, when erected is 13.12cm with girth of 11.66cm.
  • The average length of a sagged penis is 9.16cm with girth of 9.31cm.

The subjects were mainly from Middle Eastern and European origin therefore, studies on other ethnicities are also required for more conclusive results. However, researchers believe that this study is enough to calm down large number of population who despite having “normal sizes” are concerned about “scarcity of inches!”. It will also stave off the trend of having penile enhancement surgeries.

Does Size Really Matter?Myths About Penis Size image

But the point is why there is so much chaos!? It’s just an organ whose function is to deliver sperm into vagina, right? A small size penis can do that too! so why obsessed with “inches”? Human penis is larger than a gorilla’s penis (1.5 inches when erect). Although human testicles are smaller than ape’s but penises are much larger, this could be due to pressure of evolutionary selection for bigger “manhood”. One of the obvious reason for this pressure is, women like it that way!

Size Matters, When It Comes To Zestful Sex

“Size does matters!” an assumption which we all believe when it’s about having pleasing and zestful sex. For women, girth has more importance over the size. Study shows women are more attracted to larger size penis and this attraction becomes more prominent for tall men. Penis size and height both have equal attraction for women.

For some reasons, we can think large penises have some advantage in terms of duration of sex and erectile function. Two surveys showed that longer penis is preferred by women who love deep vaginal stimulation. But, female orgasms are more clitoral rather than vaginal, these studies show that preference of penile size has nothing to do with those clitoral orgasms. Moreover, clitoris tissues are expended towards either side of vagina, beneath the skin but their functions are unclear. However, it is suggested that these tissues might play role in developing vaginal orgasms. If this is true, its improbable that having pleasurable sex is dependent on penis size and all those responses are psychological.

Where many studies support “bigger the better”, some studies show contradictory results! Though the number of studies on female preference are few, but that limited data shows women are more into personality traits, humor, and intellectual capacity! As long as the guy has a strong personality, penis size is the least bothered thing! Women also think that men are way too concerned about their penis, which is pretty true! A survey on 50,000 hetero males and females showed that 85% women were contented with their man’s size whereas only 55% men said that they were certain about their penis size!

All these studies/surveys strongly point that penile size is not really an issue! Though, enhancing your penis size can improve your self-esteem but in terms of sexual performance, it won’t do anything extra special for you! There are not even 3% men whose penis size comes below normal and even if it is, it won’t be an obstacle for having pleasurable sex!


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