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Myths About Penis Size

March 11th, 2016

Myths About Penis Size

Myths About Penis Size

There have been almost fifty studies on penis size conducted since 1942, measuring 11,531 penises. Men place great importance on their penis size, which some men feel symbolizes their virility, fertility, strength, and even courage. There is no true relationship between penis size and these desirable qualities, but the myth still arouses anxiety in some men. It’s time to examine some myths and facts about penis size:

  • The average erection is 8 inches: The average length of an erect penis is 5.5 to 6.2 inches long, according to a review of evidence that was published in the British Journal of Urology.
  • Shoe size predicts penis size: This is a myth with variations, including tales about hand size and penis size, but there’s no evidence to support any correlation between the size of other body parts and the size of a penis.
  • There are pills or creams to increase the size of the penis: The only potentially effective penile enlargement option is surgery. Dr. Elist specializes in penile enlargement surgery, using a patented procedure developed during 28 years of practice as a Beverly Hills urologic surgeon.Subcutaneous Penile Implant Before & After image
  • Bigger is better: Although size may correlate to self-confidence, it doesn’t necessarily correlate with greater sexual satisfaction, according to most women. Studies have confirmed that women rank penis size far down the list of importance. In fact, one study showed that women were less attracted to men when their penis size exceeded a certain length. Women also prefer a penis proportional to the man’s height and build.
  • Women experience greater sexual satisfaction with a larger penis: The fact is that only 25% of women achieve regular orgasms through vaginal penetration and even then, because the vaginal nerve endings are located near the opening of the vagina, women don’t feel more than a few centimeters of the penis.
  • Black men have large penises than white men or Asian men: This myth is the result of studies of average size in different populations, but population averages include extremes at both the large and small end of the size range. In fact, race is no guarantee of a large penis.
  • The size of an erection is predicted by the size of the flaccid penis: In fact, the size of the flaccid penis is not at all predictive of the size or an erection. The relationship between flaccid and erect penis size differs between individuals, and two men with the same length flaccid penis may have significant differences in the length and girth of their erection.

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