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Erectile Tissue in Females – Where and How?

September 5th, 2014

Erectile Tissue in Females – Where and How?

Erectile Tissues in Humans

Erectile tissue serves a very important purpose in humans. For men, it allows the penis to become erect when the male is aroused sexually. In females, it also serves a very important purpose when dealing with sexual arousal and procreation.

Erectile Tissues in Women

Defined simply, erectile tissues are numerous vascular spaces that become engorged with blood. In the penis, erectile tissue exists in the corpora cavernosa, but for females, erectile tissue can also be found in the clitoris, as well as in the bulbs of the vestibule. In males, when the coprora cavernosa becomes engorged, the penis becomes erect and hard. In females, it is the corpus cavernosum clitoridis that serves as the female equivalent of the coprora cavernosa.

How Does the Clitoris Work?

Female Circumcision Image

Female Circumcision

The clitoris has two types of this tissue. The vestibular bulbs, known as clitoral bulbs, are part of this and they flank the urethra of the female. The sponge surrounds this, along with the vagina. These two tissues have the same function as the tissues in a male penis. They fill will blood to cause a clitoral erection. They also cause the vagina opening to begin shackling. This causes the external borders of the vagina, also known in medical terms as the vulva, to begin to swell in an outward direction.
The clitoris, like the penis, is lined in endothelium. This thin layer of cells is responsible for reducing the instability of the flow of the blood during sexual arousal. This then permits the blood to travel further. The clitoris also has connective tissue, which is known as the septa. These enclose and separate into smaller units.

When people think of erectile tissue, they typically think of the penis, but there are many erectile tissues in the body. Even the ears are a form of erectile tissue. Females, generally not known to be “erect”, also have erectile tissue as we have learned. While it may not be as noticeable as the male penis when erect, it nonetheless plays a vital role in sexual arousal and sexual intercourse, allowing for the continuation of the human race and the passing of genes and DNA.

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