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Sexophobia, also known as heterophobia, is the fear of the opposite sex. While men and women are created equal, there are still some people who develop a fear of the opposite sex. This is primarily because of a negative experience from the past.
For example, a woman might fear all men if she have had a problematic childhood, where she had to deal with an unruly and abusive father or brother. Probably she never saw her father showering love. Gradually she started seeing all men as equal, and her thought process about all males prevented her from coming close to those from the opposite sex. Even men can experience heterophobia, after having been deceived by their sweetheart. As a result, a heart broken man will have a similar perception about all females that they are heartless. This could also be due to a mother who abandoned him in the childhood, and as a result, he was raised in an orphanage, where he was meted out an unfair treatment. Sexophobia might also be linked to the fear of having sex (Healthy Sexual Relationship Learn More).

Sexophobia Causes

Since sexophobia originates in the brain, it is a kind of psychological problem (Major Male Impotence Learn More). In such individuals, the subconscious mind starts to link the opposite sex to a heap of negative feelings. As soon as you come across someone from the opposite sex, the subconscious automatically starts sending wrong/dread signals, causing fear in your mind.

Sexophobia Symptoms

Sexophobia causes anxiety (Performance Anxiety Learn More), fear, and panic attacks. You can easily become upset at the very thought of opposite sex, causing.