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Body Weight | Psyche

Effects Your Psyche has on Your Body Weight

Many people focus on diets, exercise and supplements to lose or gain weight (Testosterone Levels and Body Weight Page). In many cases, this doesn’t work. Body weight is a reflection of a series of decisions made over time. All of these decisions are rooted in the psyche of each person.
The human psyche (Psyche Wiki Page) refers to the mental activities within a person’s brain and mind; where all of the thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions are stored.

Components of the Psyche & Body Weight

Let’s take a look at the components of the human psyche. We have our biological needs, which include that we need to eat. This need sends a signal to us that we are hungry. Then we have our thoughts. Our thoughts can be influenced by many factors including biological needs, emotions (Hormonal Imbalances In Men Page), past experiences, and external influences; such as advertising or a great smelling cheeseburger.

Memory’s Influence & Body Weight