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Myths And Facts About Worst Sperm Killer

April 4th, 2018

Myths And Facts About Worst Sperm Killer

Myths And Facts About Worst Sperm Killer

In order to reproduce, the quality and count of sperms in an ejaculate is of great significance. Therefore, knowing what may harm the sperms is essential. Listed below are some facts and myths that are very strongly linked with poor sperm morphology and motility. Here is the sperm killer.

  • Laptops:

Based on clinical evidence, sperms are more likely to be killed if you are using a laptop with an active Wi-Fi connection for extended period of time. A study conducted on 29 men who provided their sperm samples, revealed that sperm stored under the laptop with Wi-Fi, showed damaged DNA and reduced motility. Such factors can also affect fertility in the long term. This may be due to electromagnetic radiations generated by Wi-Fi, and heat associated with the laptop.

Sperm killer? Definitely yes

  • Artificial bright dyes and caffeine:

There is not much evidence to support this link; however yellow dye No#5 and consumption of excessive caffeine may negatively affect your fertility.

  • Hot tubs:

Heat has the capability to affect the sperm count and quality. However, heat doesn’t have the capacity to kill sperms while acting alone and certainly doesn’t cause infertility in men. Nonetheless prolong exposure to hot tubs must be avoided as it might affect the reproductive capacity in males.

Sperm killer? Probably yes

  • Wearing briefs:

As the rumor goes, by wearing briefs, testicles become tightly held, which affects the quality of sperm and that may , in turn,affect the fertility. But there is not enough research on this subject to prove this. It is thought that briefs tend to increase the scrotal temperature which may negatively influence the sperms and therefore boxer underwear should be considered for optimal testicular health.

Sperm killer? Maybe

  • Cycling:5 Ways To Boost The Sperm Production Image

Some evidence suggests that cycling can affect the sperm quality. A study conducted on Spanish tri-athletes revealed that cycling athletes had lower sperm count and poor quality as compared to the non-cycling athletes. Results are found to be more evident in case of long-distance cycling athletes.

Sperm killer? Considerably yes.

  • Mobile phones:

There are at least 8-9 statistically significant studies to back the fact that cell phones do affect the count of sperm particularly when placed in the trouser pocket. This is because electromagnetic rays that are released from the cell phones can adversely influence the testicular cells responsible for the sperm development.

Sperm killer? Yes!

  • Cash Register receipt:

Who would ever give something useless as cash receipt a thought? It’s not as safe as one may think. It is suggested that the receipt contains a plastic coating of BPA (bisphenol-A) and by just holding it for 10 seconds, 2.5mg of BPA can be transferred to the skin. What’s BPA? BPA is a chemical that damages the endocrine and in great quantities ,it may adversely influence the male fertility. But the bright side is there is no evidence to support that a man having cash receipt in his pocket may become infertile.

  • Smoking:

Smoking has been associated with a number of fertility issues in men. Heavy smokers are more likely to suffer from low sperm count and quality as smoking has an adverse effect on the chromosomes. Studies suggest that it can also affect the sperm DNA, and even after the conception may increase the risk of abortion.

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